How does insulation improve your home's efficiency

Insulation acts as a thermal barrier which suppresses the movement of radiant heat in and out of your home. All that means is that it keeps heat from getting into the home when it’s hot and keeps the heat in when it’s cold.

The Summer sun’s intense rays cast down onto your home. This causes the roof and walls to heat up, which in turn causes the attic temperature to rise. Attic temperatures can reach nearly 170 degrees. The trapped heat then warms your house making things quite uncomfortable.

It is fairly common for an air conditioning system to runs all day and not cool the house efficiently. This is usually due to a poorly insulated home. Heat enters the home at the same rate that your air conditioner is able to cool it.

Properly insulating your attic space and walls will radically reduce the amount of heat coming into your home. This allows the house to stay cooler for longer, and keeps the air conditioner from working too hard.

Insulation will also keep your home more comfortable in the winter. Insulation is great when you are trying to retain some heat. The same way insulation can stop heat from getting into your home, it can also contain the heat during the winter, which keeps your furnace from working too hard, and running your utility costs up.

A properly insulated home allows the air conditioner and heating system to work more efficiently, which saves you money while also keeping the air from drying out too much due to a system that is constantly running. Insulation also acts as a sound barrier to some extent, which is great if you live near an airport, freeway or other noisy areas.

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We Use Greenfiber Cellulose

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GreenFiber Insulation

  • Highest rated R-value per inch of all fibrous home insulation
  • Applied in a seamless blanket sealing area from air infiltration
  • Organic home insulation made from recycled paper
  • Measurably high thermal efficiency
  • Wall and attic insulation deadens outdoor noise
  • Natural home insulation that is Class 1 Fire Rated
  • Non-toxic and family-safe
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A great deal of market research was invested in our choice for the right Sacramento home insulation product.

Thoroughness like this is part of how we do business – from windows and doors, to heating and cooling, attic insulation and wall insulation and more! You’ll also find opportunities to save money on home insulation with our online specials and chances to learn more about how to improve the thermal efficiency of your Sacramento home or business.

Clarke & Rush is known for our many services, from HVAC to plumbing, windows, solar and home insulation. We’ve been a leading insulation contractor for our community for over a half-century. We have earned our reputation as the region’s experts in insulation by providing top of the line customer service and high quality products.

Save Energy & Cash

The benefits of insulating your attic range from lower energy bills to warmer winters and cooler summers. Even if your home already has an insulated attic, you can still reap huge benefits from new insulation. We will help you choose the right type of insulation for you and equip you with the proper tools to successfully insulate your home.

Insulation That Works

When you choose Clarke & Rush to help with your attic insulation, you can be confident that your installation will be done right, and at a fraction of the cost. Our experienced insulation contractors know the proper R-values to install based on Sacramento, California’s geographic location to ensure you get the best protection possible for years to come.

Easy Monthly Payments

Whether you choose to install blown-in insulation, loose-fill or radiant barrier insulation, Clarke & Rush provides flexible financing options to help you better afford insulation costs. We understand that attic insulation is an investment, which is why we offer easy monthly payments and affordable insulation services to help you save even more.

What Should I Do Before Insulating?

To make sure you get the most from your new insulation and that it will last many years and keep conditioned air inside your house where it belongs.

1. Fix your leaking roof.

Water is terrible for insulation. It creates mold and mildew in the insulation and destroys the air-trapping ability of the material. This will keep the material from blocking heat flow. Water stains, and damp areas or moldy spots are signs of leakage.

2. Route all exhaust fans and vents outside.

While it is against standard building codes to vent an exhaust into the attic space, there are plenty of builders that have managed to get away with doing so. The problem with this is that is allows humid exhaust air to get trapped in your insulation, causing mold and mildew, which eventually ruins your attic and insulation.

3. Box in your light fixtures.

You do not want any material to touch or cover recessed can lights, as it is a fire hazard. Framing your fixtures with ply wood, sheet metal or hardware cloth with keep the insulation from coming in contact with the light. Be sure to keep a minimum of 3” cleared around each fixture.

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The "People Factor" in Insulation Installation

In order to minimize any disruption to your life, our insulation technicians know how to work quickly and efficiently. The process of blowing insulation is much faster than installing insulation once was. Home insulation is now efficient – but with Clarke & Rush, installing it is also a good customer experience. Our installation teams are highly trained in customer satisfaction. Making sure that wall insulation and attic insulation is installed with respect for your home and family is Clarke & Rush’s priority.

Insulation is an Energy Saving Option

Because quality insulation positively impacts energy efficiency, there are several programs to assist homeowners with wall and attic insulation. Clarke & Rush is a SMUD and PG&E approved home insulation contractor – in fact, we are an approved contractor for the full menu of energy improvements, not just insulation. This means that we are able to help homeowners leverage government programs for rebates, incentives, and even low interest loans from SMUD, Ygrene, CHF, and mPOWER to help pay for the investment of re-insulating your home. Energy auditors will identify the effectiveness of existing home insulation and our technicians will deliver improvements as part of a PG&E Whole House Energy plan. Remember, quality house insulation is fundamental to energy savings!

Proper wall and attic insulation not only saves you money, but also benefits the environment. Clarke & Rush supports these energy efficiency goals, and as a SMUD Home Performance Contractor we are prepared to give homeowners the best, organic insulation that we have to offer.

Want to know even more about insulation ? Learn more about insulation on our blog!

Clarke & Rush Insulation Reviews

Thank you!

Recently had insulation installed in my attic by Brian and Matthew. They were both professional and provided excellent service. Thank you!
- Kerk

Talk about going the extra mile!!!

We were lucky enough to get Aaron and Dominick who are fantastic technicians at Clark and Rush for our home improvement. They are a pair of brothers, and are an efficient team. We were completely impressed by their worth ethic and efforts. They replaced the ducting in the attic, and put in a whole house fan. The crew that did the insulation removal was also very efficient as well. Clark and Rush has been a great choice for our air system improvement. We are very pleased with their work. We are using the Ygrene program, and the guys even had the rebate program forms for SMUD at the ready at the end of the installation process. Talk about going the extra mile!!!
- Ardelis

Good job C & R for hiring great workers!

On 10/3/16, Brian Seiler & Matthew Cooksey came out to complete the attic insulation. These guys were great, fast, polite, and professional. I will definitely recommend this company due to the excellent workers. Good job C & R for hiring great workers!
- Rem

I highly recommend Clarke and Rush.

We had an energy survey done by two companies, one of which was Clarke and Rush. Clark and Rush's bid for replacement of A/C, furnace, insulation, etc was cheaper and much more professional because it itemized the charges and specified exactly what equipment would be installed. They did everything in a timely manner and applied for the applicable rebates. While there was a minor billing mixup, that was eventually corrected. That was not all, however. When my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren flew in from Australia in winter, we had a "power imbalance" that night which burned out multiple electrical appliances, including the furnace. When I called Clarke and Rush, they sent someone out the next day. They said that they had to order a replacement part, which would take several days. The technician, however, got the company to do a rush order on the part, which arrived and he installed the next day. Thus, we had our heat back on with 1 1/2 days of the electrical disaster. Furthermore, they covered all of the work and the replacement part under the warranty; we were not out of pocket for any of the furnace repair. I highly recommend Clarke and Rush.
- Mariejeanne

They were very professional and courteous.

The guys came into the house and the first thing they did was cover their shoes with booties. They did a good job checking out our furnace and offered to vacuum up the small amount of insulation that fell from the overhead access. They were very professional and courteous.
- Edgard

LOVE Clarke & Rush and highly recommend!

Rusty and crew with the HVAC install team and Brain Seiler and AAron with the insulation install team were amazing! HVAC installed Moday in under 5 hours and Wednesday insulation installed in 5 hours, Clean, professional, courteous, polite and knowledgeable teams. LOVE Clarke & Rush and highly recommend!
- Braden

efficient and friendly service

Just finished Heat,Air, Ducts,Insulation,Whole house Fan and some windows. Did a lot of research about equipment , service providers and rebate programs from PG&E and SMUD both with previous customers and on line reviews. I got estimates from 3 bigger companies that were authorized agents to perform rebate type work. Clark and Rush was straightforward with information and actually quoted me the best price of the big 3. Josh, Dominic ,Gabe and George performed all my HVAC indoor and outdoor work with professional , efficient and friendly service - They were the greatest. Nick and Chris did 5 windows for me another morning - what a great job. The windows look great and are sure an upgrade from the old ones. Rod, the supervisor came out during their project to make sure things were going well and offered them help if they needed it - he was very professional and friendly. Toward the end of the job I had an electrical short in my house that affected some of their equipment . They sent a super south electrician named Jon who instinctively diagnosed and repaired the not so obvious problem. Thanks Jon and and all the crew including the wonderfully kind billers and appointment setters back at the office
- Vanessa

I would highly recommend this company.

Installation of a Brand new Heating and Air system was completed today. Three days for the heating and air and one day for the insulation. The team were pretty easy to work with. They diligently lay all the protection all over the house to prevent damage and for easy clean-up. They arrive promptly at 8am and wasted no time to get the job done. They took time to explain what they intend to do and answer questions I had. Now we're just waiting for inspection to see if everything is in the up and up. I would highly recommend this company.
- Holt

All in all, great experience!

Just got my HVAC, ductwork, and insulation done this week from Clarke & Rush. Great team, did a great job of answering all my questions and explaining what was being done and going on in my attic and around the house. Was able to call Brian, the sales rep, multiple times to answer my questions before the contract signing and also during the process of installation about things. Mike, Brian, and Josh did awesome with the HVAC install and ductwork, dropping my leakage by 25%. And the insulation guys (Sorry, I forgot their names! Brian/Mark?) did great and really went over the top in insulating the attic. All in all, great experience!
- Abigail

The cost for the work was very reasonable.

I had the old insulation removed and new cellulose insulation blown-in; the house is 1,910 sq. feet. The team of Brian Saler and Matt Cooksey did excellent work. It took two days to remove the old batt-insulation and vacuum the original blown-in cellulose; and a few hours on the third day to blow-in the Fiber Brand Cellulose. Baffles were added to all eave soffit vents. The contract called for an R-40 value; but the actual R value is closer to R-44+. The team cleaned everything after the removal process and again at the completion of the job. The cost for the work was very reasonable.
- Gordie

I recommend this company with its great employees to anyone.

Clarke and Rush upgraded our insulation. We had gotten a bid from another company that seemed excessive and came with a shocking price tag (BB). Michael the Urquidez the advisor was thorough and professional, scheduling was easy. I was not looking forward to having the insulation blown in (the mess) but Brian Seiler put down tarps, removed his shoes and Protected corners that might be at risk for contact with the hose. He was personable professional thorough and no mess left behind. I recommend this company with its great employees to anyone.
- Wash