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For over 50 years Clarke & Rush has delivered high quality plumbing services to our customers. From simple leak repairs to plumbing emergencies, our professional team can take care of your home. We are known for the consistent quality of our work that has built trust and confidence in Clarke & Rush.

We offer No Obligation, Free estimates for your Plumbing Repairs 


We Know Plumbing

Plumbing services can cover many things emergency repair, new fixture installation, water filtration, leak detection and much more. Our plumbers are ready to take on any challenge.
Here is a short list of our most popular services:
  • Plumbing repair and service for emergencies
  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heater Replacement/Repair
  • Leak detection
  • Water line repair and Trenchless Line Replacement
  • Clogged Sewer and Drain repair
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Re-pipe services
  • Faucet & toilet installation
  • Shower and tub services
While we’re always here in case of emergency, it’s smart for homeowners to schedule plumbing repairs and maintenance throughout the year to avoid the emergency repairs. In our Comprehensive Biannual Energy Savings Plan we will perform a plumbing safety inspection along with regular maintenance to better avoid emergency repairs.
Sewer or water line repair/replacement can demand immediate attention regardless of hour or day. Customers depend on our 24-hour emergency service to quickly handle any urgent situation, day or night.

Call our 24-hour Sacramento plumbing repair hot line (916) 609-2667 next time you have a plumbing emergency.

We encourage our handy customer to try to tackle the minor plumbing mishaps they may encounter. However, it is important to know that often times plumbing repairs require specialized tools, lots of patience and experience. Occasionally, trying it yourself can add both time and money in the long run. If you feel you might be in over your head, it would be wise to call a professional. Our experienced plumbers can actually save you money, not to mention time and frustration.

Check out our Reviews!

When you are looking for a plumber, you want to be confident in your choice.
It is important that your repair is done by a knowledgeable and experienced professional. So, how are you to know who to call for your plumbing repairs? Internet reviews are a huge resource nowadays, and we feel like our reviews speak for themselves. Here are a few comments from our customers:
“Hi I was just calling, Jose and Tony just came over to fix my heater, repaired it, and I was just calling to let you know they did a very good job on that, so just calling to let you guys know. Thank you very much.”
“Brian and Richard did a fine job on Wednesday blowing the insulation into my attic. They arrived on time and completed the job very efficiently. Thank you”
“We use Clarke & Rush on our property in West Sacramento for all plumbing repairs. Scott Woods best technician I ever worked with. Knowledgeable, great customer service, very professional, fair pricing, excellent job done every time, no recalls! Team at Bryte Gardens apartments”
“Great job today by Anthony and Arthur in adding insulation in the attic of our home!”
“We had our AC and Heater installed and the guys are great! They did an awesome job and we couldn’t be happier!”
“I just had new air conditioner and heater installed by Clarke & Rush. They did a great job and was able to get all the rebates for me through SMUD and PG&E. They were very polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks Clarke & Rush… my new system is working great!”

Clarke & Rush Teams Committed to Community Service in Sacramento

Our teams at Clarke & Rush live where they work. Our plumbers are Sacramento residents with families in the local community. As a company, Clarke & Rush donates to charities such as American Lung Association, Loaves and Fishes, Salvation Army and other nonprofit groups in the area. Plumbing repair through the years has often been deeply discounted or donated to charity organizations. Our plumbers also work as volunteers throughout the region- at schools, churches and charities. At Clarke & Rush we are more than plumbers; we’re Sacramento residents with pride and commitment to community service. 

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With industry leading technology in Hydro Jetting, Line Location, Video inspection, and Drain Cleaning, Clarke & Rush has the tools and the know how to handle any plumbing problem. Whether you have a minor drain blockage or you need a free estimate for a future project, Clarke & Rush is here to serve you.

Hydro Jetting

Use of conventional snakes cannot always clear the blockage in your drain and waste pipes. Sometimes snakes only poke holes in a blockage. This can allow for water to pass through making it appear that the blockage has been cleared when it can very easily clog back up a short time later.


Clarke & Rush has trained & skilled technicians with the tools necessary to clear almost any blockage. With a Hydro Jet machine that is capable of producing pressures up to 4,000 psi through 500′ of hose, we can reach and clear blockages that others cannot.


Sewer Repair & Replacement.

Our technicians can help you decide to do a spot repair on a pipe or figure out if the entire line needs to be replaced. With free estimates and technicians who don’t work on commission, you know you are getting a fair price from the moment we arrive.

Roots are attracted to sewer lines because it is a form of nutrients for their growth. Once roots have entered your sewer system they will continue to grow and cause you more issues until dealt with. This is a great example of when a repair is needed.
An important factor in replacing lines can be when a home was built. In many homes built in the 1940’s & 1950’s, Orangeburg pipe was used for sewer lines. Orangeburg was a less expensive option commonly used in this era because of World War II, however it is no longer listed as an acceptable building material and has been known to collapse under ground.
Water Heater Replacement and Service

Water heaters are common appliances that are critical to a family’s comfort and safety. They are easily accessible, causing some homeowners to assume water heater replacement or service is simple or basic.


However, replacing a water heater is not a straightforward task. Water heater replacement requires draining the old appliance, knowledge of how to handle the power source (gas or electric), a proper set of tools, an understanding of water pressure and temperature, and scores of small details that are second nature to a plumbing technician.


Simple mistakes in water heater replacement can even prove dangerous – like improper venting or mishandling of pressure relief valves, which can lead to extremely dangerous explosions. Local building codes may also apply to water heater replacement, and a Clarke & Rush plumbing service technician is equipped with knowledge about code requirements. Proper water heater replacement ensures the safety of your home and family.


Benefits of replacing your water heater:



After time, water heaters tend to build up sediment in the tank. This sediment can lower the tank’s capacity and cause your water heater to waste more energy. With new technology from our suppliers, the water is piped into the tank near the bottom in order to agitate the water and help prevent the buildup of sediment.



The days of calling a plumber to relight your water heater’s pilot light are over. With new Honeywell controls on the water heaters we install, what used to be a service charge is now the turn of a knob and the press of a button.



Selling your home? Let Clarke & Rush give you a free estimate on bringing your water heater up to code. If it turns out that you need a permit from the city, Clarke & Rush can file for a permit on your behalf. We can also complete the necessary upgrades to your system and even schedule your final inspection.

Is space an Issue? Clarke & Rush can eliminate your current tank style water heater and relocate a new tankless water heater outside the house.


Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water on demand. For families of four or more, it seems like there is never enough hot water. With a new tankless water heater, water is heated as needed through a heat exchanger, instead of being heated in a storage tank. This also saves energy, only heating water as it’s needed, rather than keeping a tank full of water constantly heated.

Clarke & Rush has partnered with Puronics Water Filtration Systems in an effort to offer you the best water filtration systems available today. Find out more on Puronics Water Filtration Systems.


Call (916) 609-2667 to learn about plumbing repair, maintenance, water filtration and installation or Schedule a Free Home Site Written Proposal, Click Here.