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Sacramento Window Replacement Contractor Clarke & Rush

Over 50 years, Clarke & Rush has provided top tier window & door replacement for Sacramento and the surrounding 4 county area home owners.

As Sacramento locals ourselves, we understand that new windows and doors are an investment in your home. Energy efficient window and door replacement not only contributes to your home’s appearance, increased energy savings and the comfort of your family but also maximizes the efficiency and prolongs the life of your existing HVAC system and boosts the effectiveness of your insulation.

Regardless of your window and door needs – from replacement windows, dual pane vinyl windows, doors, sliding patio doors and patio French doors – we offer the region’s widest variety, highest quality products and services.


When it comes to replacement windows and doors, thousands of families have placed their trust in Sacramento window replacement contractor Clarke & Rush

“You folks installed our new air conditioning and heating system about a week ago and I just wanted to call and say that we are very happy with the job, very happy with the professionalism of Clarke & Rush…”
RM, Heating Installation
Hi my name is Linda Bolin, I had the technician John Wiltshire yesterday. He is just an incredible technician and just did a lot of details and great work on my unit. Made me feel, just so great, he just did a great job,I really just appreciate his hard work, it was really great, and I definitely would like him as the technician in the future
I had maintenance appointment today and John Wilshire was very, very good I appreciated his service. He was polite, very nice, and did a thorough job. Thank you, bye now.
I had Eric Rust come out this morning to service my heating he was wonderful, very kind, and explained everything. I will always use him, I have always used Robert Clarke before but Eric is wonderful. He has done a very satisfaction work today.Thank you
Eric came out today to check our heat pump unit. He did an excellent job I was very, very pleased with how he did everything and prefer to have him every time because he does an excellent job. Anyway thank you very much.
Brian and Arthur just left here and I need to tell you they did a wonderful job. Instead of three days it only took two days and I mean the place is clean, spotless they taped the sides of the walls. It was just a marvelous job and they were very friendly and accommodating. Thank you, thank you so much.
We just had our heater fixed so the carbon dioxide did not comeback into our engineering room. I wanted to compliment John Wilcher for his job it was efficient and I think very good. I am just conveying my appreciation.

Why choose Sacramento window replacement contractor Clarke & Rush?

  • Established and trusted in the community since 1963
  • Personalized in-home consultation
  • Certified Amerimax, Cascade and Therma-Tru Contractor
  • Qualified Contractor in all Home Performance Programs to maximize your rebates if you need more energy efficient measures in your home
  • Offering many different low-interest financing programs including PACE programs
  • Our team installs your new windows and doors, no sub-contractors
  • No damage to your existing exterior, no stucco cutting.
  • Experienced with retrofit and new construction windows, in case you have dry rot or other issues with the existing window frames
  • We stand behind our work, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Sacramento Window Replacement Specialists Deliver Customer Satisfaction to Area Residents

In our experience, much of a homeowner’s hesitation to upgrade/replace their home’s windows often comes from the belief that window work causes extended disruption and leaves a mess behind. Clarke & Rush’s installation experts work hard to ensure that you have a different experience.

Our team is educated about the products we recommend. It is important to us that our customers understand the features and benefits of window / door replacement or new windows / doors.

Our technicians are AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) certified and trained. Window and door replacement can usually be completed in 1-day of focused work, and is done with the utmost care and respect for your home.

Once the work is complete, all window replacement debris and workspaces are thoroughly cleaned before we leave your home. When we pack our tools and leave, there is nothing left for you to do but enjoy your new windows and doors.

Window and door replacement by Clarke & Rush may qualify you for special financing through SMUD, PG&E, Ygrene, mPOWER, Hero and CHF low interest loan and PACE programs.

Window and door replacement is also an element of whole house energy efficiency, new windows along with other energy efficient home upgrades can qualify you for a low interest loan and maximum rebates through your utility home performance program. Clarke & Rush is an approved PG&E Whole House and SMUD Home Performance Contractor. Because of these certifications, we are able to offer these benefits, potential rebates and savings.

Sacramento families need year-around protection from summer’s extreme heat and winter’s chill. Dual pane windows and doors are essential to comfort and energy savings. Our window clients are educated about the choices they make when choosing windows and doors for their homes. Our Comfort Consultant’s clearly communicate about brands, features, benefits, options, styles and costs of all of our products.

When shopping for windows, the homeowner must decide what will best fit their needs, replacement windows or new construction windows. The difference between these options is, while replacement windows may offer some added efficiency, and will certainly look nicer, they will not fix issues like rough opening/closing or a rotted window frame. A new construction window most likely solve these issues, and usually involves reframing the window through a more invasive, but complete, installation.

Sacramento has many historical homes, and window replacement must match a home’s style while also meeting modern energy efficiency standards. However, some building codes may require certain original materials be used for window replacement in historic homes. With our years of experience, you can trust Clarke & Rush to make sure your home is properly taken care of and all of your windows meet the most current building codes for the safety of you and your family.

We can provide several examples of new windows for older homes that increase efficiency while still preserving appearance for the customer to choose from. Our comfort consultants are trained specifically to help guide homeowners through the decision making process.

New windows are not only for older homes though. Benefits of our windows can be found in newer communities as well. With modern construction, vinyl windows meet Sacramento’s weather challenges while improving energy efficiency. The benefits are not only found in the energy savings our windows create, but vinyl and dual pane windows also come in a wide variety of styles to give your home a distinctly beautiful look.

Sacramento homes represent many different styles of architecture. Our team is ready to help homeowners make the best decision about replacement windows, new windows or doors.

Sacramento has Victorians, Craftsman style, ranch homes, and unique modern homes – each calling for a different style of window. Our customers can count on Clarke & Rush to provide options that best suit the style and budget of your home.

Our experts have done the research and we’ve chosen only quality products as part of the Clarke & Rush commitment to service. Windows custom made by Amerimax and Cascade, replacement doors by Therma-Tru are some of Clarke & Rush’s choices for our customers. Windows and doors from these established companies have high satisfaction ratings nationwide and are top picks for new and replacement windows and doors. In our years of experience, customers have been very pleased with these world-class manufacturers. From exemplary customer service to top of the line dual pane windows and doors, Sacramento homeowners receive the best window and door solutions for their homes from Clarke & Rush.

We want to invite you to take advantage of our years of service and experience when shopping for new windows or doors. Our energy consultants will provide a complimentary estimate for replacement windows, doors, patio sliding doors, French doors or dual pane vinyl windows free of charge or obligation. We will also let you know what to expect in energy savings and what difference quality replacement windows may bring to your home.

Sacramento can be challenging for people with allergies. A properly sealed window can make a big difference to people with environmental sensitivities. Dual pane windows keep allergens outdoors, for indoor comfort when allergy season rolls around. Our windows are more than just style; they’re an element of a healthy home and a part of Home Performance.

Window quality can also make a difference in your indoor environment. New windows help reduce noise pollution, creating a sense of peace and calm for your family. Replacing old, ill-fitting windows can change the experience of being home. Our windows do all of this, while also ensuring that your HVAC continues working inside rather than leaking air through old, poorly framed windows.

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