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Insulate to Keep Heat In & Improve Your Home's Efficiency

Is your home letting energy slip out from the cracks? Upgrading your home’s insulation is one of the best ways to save energy and increase your comfort in the home.

Home insulation, while hidden in your attic and behind your walls, plays a major role in the efficiency and comfort of your home. Insulation is a critical element in the Clarke & Rush Whole House approach because, as unglamorous as it seems, this passive product works hard in the walls and attic of your home. Because of how important it is, we are excited about the quality product we’ve chosen.

Insulation has a uniquely challenging job, it must meet the challenges of both the Valley’s blistering heat and freezing cold snaps. At the same time as it is working hard to keep your home a constant temperature, wall and attic insulation also plays a huge part in your family’s health. Keeping this in mind, when we chose which house insulation we wanted to provide for our customers, we searched for an effective product that contributes to a healthy home. The fiber insulation we’ve chosen is safe for your family and is made largely of recycled paper, meaning it’s safe for the environment as well. This organic product we proudly install is called Mountain Fiber Home Insulation. This is one of the premier insulation brands on the market, and we are proud to offer this kind of quality product to our customers.

The Right Choice for Sacramento Home Insulation

A great deal of market research was invested in our choice for the right Sacramento home insulation product.

Thoroughness like this is part of how we do business – from windows and doors, to heating and cooling, attic insulation and wall insulation and more! You’ll also find opportunities to save money on home insulation with our online specials and chances to learn more about how to improve the thermal efficiency of your Sacramento home or business.

Clarke & Rush is known for our many services, from HVAC to plumbing, windows, solar and home insulation. We’ve been a leading insulation contractor for our community for over a half-century. We have earned our reputation as the region’s experts in insulation by providing top of the line customer service and high quality products.

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Mountain Fiber Insulation

  • Highest rated R-value per inch of all fibrous home insulation
  • Applied in a seamless blanket sealing area from air infiltration
  • Organic home insulation made from recycled paper
  • Measurably high thermal efficiency
  • Wall and attic insulation deadens outdoor noise
  • Natural home insulation that is Class 1 Fire Rated
  • Non-toxic and family-safe
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Insulation Installation – a Smooth Process For Your Home

Installing insulation was once a very messy and unpleasant experience. However, with our organic fiber product that’s blown into your walls and attic, that is no longer the case. Insulation that’s blown will fill voids where old wall insulation and attic insulation has settled. It travels into cracks and crevasses, dramatically adding to the effectiveness of older insulation. Our customers notice the difference in comfort and cost savings almost immediately. Along with those benefits, homeowners also appreciate:

  • House insulation with exceptionally high R Value that qualifies for Home Performance Rebates
  • Home insulation that’s not flammable and can be financed using Ygrene or mPOWER programs
  • Great insulation for home protection from sound pollution and energy savings
  • An additional barrier of home insulation for outdoor pollens and allergens providing comfort
  • House insulation that’s a deterrent for rodents and household pests

The "People Factor" in Insulation Installation

In order to minimize any disruption to your life, our insulation technicians know how to work quickly and efficiently. The process of blowing insulation is much faster than installing insulation once was. Home insulation is now efficient – but with Clarke & Rush, installing it is also a good customer experience. Our installation teams are highly trained in customer satisfaction. Making sure that wall insulation and attic insulation is installed with respect for your home and family is Clarke & Rush’s priority.

With our great customer service has come great reviews. Homeowners can call our Review Phone Line and leave their comments about their experiences. Here are a few home insulation reviews we have gotten in the past:

“… I want to congratulate them on a job very well done and how they cleaned up the mess.” Homeowner with wall & Attic insulation in Sacramento

“They [insulation installation techs] were very nice and did an excellent job, we are glad to have them.” Home insulation client

“They did a fantastic job at cleaning up after the job was complete.” Attic insulation, Sacramento Homeowner

We invite you to read more house insulation installation reviews on our Review Page

Insulation is an Energy Saving Option

Because quality insulation positively impacts energy efficiency, there are several programs to assist homeowners with wall and attic insulation. Clarke & Rush is a SMUD and PG&E approved home insulation contractor – in fact, we are an approved contractor for the full menu of energy improvements, not just insulation. This means that we are able to help homeowners leverage government programs for rebates, incentives, and even low interest loans from SMUD, Ygrene, CHF, and mPOWER to help pay for the investment of re-insulating your home. Energy auditors will identify the effectiveness of existing home insulation and our technicians will deliver improvements as part of a PG&E Whole House Energy plan. Remember, quality house insulation is fundamental to energy savings!

Proper wall and attic insulation not only saves you money, but also benefits the environment. Clarke & Rush supports these energy efficiency goals, and as a SMUD Home Performance Contractor we are prepared to give homeowners the best, organic insulation that we have to offer.

Clarke & Rush Calls Sacramento Home

Insulation is a core service for Clarke & Rush, a basic for home comfort. We know that a home is a system of working parts – from home insulation to HVAC, plumbing, windows and more. That’s why we’ve been serving the whole house with insulation for over 50 years. Installing insulation is part of our daily work and we’ve become the local experts in delivering wall and attic insulation to Sacramento area families. Thousands of homeowners trust Clarke & Rush to deliver the very best in insulation with the region’s finest customer service.

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