FAQ about HVAC, Plumbing, and Home Performance

Facts and Fiction About Your Heating and Air System

At Clarke & Rush we want our customers to be educated about the basics of HVAC systems. That’s why we encourage you to inquire about the technology that drives HVAC, why furnace repair is so important, and other bits of information that may spark their curiosity.

To answer some of the common questions, we have listed a few of the ones we have gotten most frequently in our years of service. Of course, when our technicians visit your home or business, they will be able to offer even further insight into the inner workings of your climate control system.

Statement: My air conditioning and heating system is working just fine now. In fact I haven’t had a problem with heating or cooling in my Roseville home for four years.

Response: That’s great! The highs and lows in Roseville can really test an HVAC system. That said, you certainly want to keep your air conditioner and heating system working for many years to come. A free check up of your system by a Clarke & Rush HVAC expert can help you spot potential trouble before it happens. You don’t need your air conditioner giving out in August or to have to call for furnace repair in January! Preventative maintenance costs much less than emergency heating and air repair, and allows you to feel secure about the quality performance from your HVAC system

Statement: I’m a handy person. I fix lots of things around my place in Folsom. I’m thinking about changing the air filter on my air conditioner. Easy, right?

Response: Well, yes and no! The act of changing an air conditioner filter is relatively simple. However, monitoring and judging the condition of the filter is another story. The filter on an air conditioner or HVAC system is extremely important because a dirty filter alters the performance of a heating and cooling system. An air conditioner filter that’s saturated with dust and dirt can cause the entire HVAC system to malfunction. Having an HVAC maintenance program ensures your heating and cooling system won’t be subject to unwelcome surprises that require an emergency call for a repair that was preventable.

Statement: Elk Grove can get some pretty good swings in temperature. I find that I am running either my heating or air conditioning system almost constantly. I am guessing the HVAC system is costing me quite a bit.

Response: You’d be right about that! Customarily, HVAC is usually the highest utility cost in a household or business budget – it can ever be as much as 50 percent. In your case, we’d suggest preventative maintenance that keeps your heating and air conditioning system running as efficiently as possible. Clarke & Rush features a seasonal, winter and summer, HVAC maintenance program that’s affordable, and designed to save you money. In addition, folks in Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom and the Sacramento region can take our simple home energy audit online and get feedback about the ways to maximize their HVAC system and make other cost saving changes to lower energy use throughout their home.

Statement: All HVAC companies are alike. The only difference is in the cost of the air conditioning and furnace repairs and installation.

Response: Like most trades, it takes many years of experience for an HVAC technician to become an expert in air conditioning and heating system repair and installation. It also can take decades for an HVAC company to earn a solid reputation in the community. Since a heating and air conditioning system is a major investment in a home or business, put your trust in an HVAC company that has stood the test of time. Clarke & Rush has been serving the greater Sacramento area with quality HVAC products and services for more than four decades. The combined experience of our HVAC techs and team amounts to hundreds of years in providing quality heating and cooling systems and services to our community. Although we are always price competitive in the heating and air conditioning arena, there is far more to HVAC than dollars and cents. With Clarke & Rush, you experience the best HVAC personnel and service in the business!