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Anlin® windows are energy efficient, affordable, and they look fantastic!

Designed to outperform wood and glass windows, our insulated vinyl windows are as enduring and strong as they are beautiful. Anlin windows are the most energy efficient windows on the market equipped with noise reduction and the latest energy-saving technology available.


Unattractive Windows

The appearance of your windows are important. If you have guests over, you don’t want ugly windows that aren’t congruent with the interior décor.

Functionality is important. But it’s equally important to feel good about the appearance of your windows. You’re the one living there, so it’s key to create an environment that you’ll enjoy living in.

Let’s say you want to upgrade the interior décor of your house. The awesome thing about window replacements is that is can modernize and upgrade the look of your house without making huge renovation changes. We’re talking a smaller tweak that’ll change the whole environment, and at one-third of the cost of a typical renovation!

Noise Reduction

We’ve all experienced a loud nuisance from our homes.  Whether it’s the poorly trained dog that barks throughout the night, interrupting your peaceful slumber.  Or your neighbors are too loud and don’t know when to tone down the volume.

So, you close your windows.  But your thin glass layers do virtually nothing to fix the noise!  

There are lots of older windows that have this issue.  Unfortunately, it’s just not standard practice to use thicker glass when window installments are made.  Or perhaps the builder just wanted to use cheaper materials (typically lower quality) and used too thin of a glass.

If this is a frustrating issue for you, it may be a great time to invest in thicker glass.  

With Clarke and Rush window replacement installations, it’s standard to use glass that is 3 times thicker than the norm.

Drafty Windows

Do your drafty windows keep you awake at night? This is an issue that you should elicit your attention. When your windows aren’t airtight, they actually cause multiple issues. If you are shivering at night, perhaps the window near your bed is letting in the cold air. Or perhaps the summertime heat is making you extremely uncomfortable.

Not only can drafty windows cause discomfort, but it costs you money. When your windows don’t do a good job at controlling air flow, your air conditioning and furnace work harder. This increases the cost on your utility bills. And this intensifies when you have multiple drafty windows.

Drafty windows can occur for different reasons. Perhaps the most frustrating is poorly installed windows. When the windows aren’t fitted properly, there will be gaps between the window frame and the glass, making it rattle in place (not to mention the other functional issues that’ll exist if poorly installed). This can be avoided by having a professional install your windows.

They could simply be old or used with materials that aren’t effective at resisting adverse weather conditions, such as wood and aluminum windows. These are less energy efficient than vinyl and wither away at a faster rate. Having cracks in your caulk may also be a source of the draft. We advise you to check for these complications yearly.

Mold Growth

Mold growth is a natural phenomenon and is found everywhere. But it’s not a sight you want to see on your windows… it’s unsightly, uninviting, and most importantly, not good for your health. In fact, it has the potential to cause respiratory problems if left unresolved.

Being that it’s a natural process, it’s an inevitable. You’re going to have mold on your window from time to time. So don’t let it stress you out.

Instead, become aware of what causes it and do your best to prevent and eliminate the mold when it surfaces.
When water leaks rain from outside, mold can start to develop in the frames. Also, dirty surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for mold. Periodically cleaning your windows will do wonders.

An increase in temperature and condensation increases the chances of mold growing and spreading. An even more annoying situation is when you have drafty windows. Moisture forms and condensation builds up between the glass layers (which creates a foggy appearance). Overtime, mold can grow inside your window. You may not be in direct contact with the mold due to its isolation between the glass layers, but it’s still an ugly sight.

Mold can be difficult to eliminate. And the longer you let the mold sit and reproduce, it just gets worse. So, it’s recommended to clean up the mold by removing the window components and getting rid of the unwanted microscopic fungi.

But sometimes the mold grows rampant and is too hard to fully fix on your own. Over time, a window replacement may become the best option for your health and home décor.

New Window and Door Installation: Consider Your Replacement Options.

Many window problems may seem minor, unless you’re dealing with a broken window or something that requires immediate attention.

But these minor issues can actually have negative consequences if you don’t confront them. They could manifest into something ugly over time. Contact us today to talk to a comfort specialist.

Regardless of the reason for your window replacement, there are some important elements to keep in mind before getting them replaced. We’ve outlined what you need to know to make the most informed decision below.

What Should I Know About Replacement Windows?

Our Custom Vinyl Windows Are Made Specifically for Your Home.

Make sure to invest in windows that require little maintenance and are guaranteed to last a long time. When you make an investment in windows by Clarke & Rush, you will be thrilled with the work we do.

Our installers are knowledgeable in the installation process of a large variety of windows. We proudly service the residents of Sacramento and its surrounding suburbs with all of their home window replacement needs. For affordable Sacramento replacement windows, go with the exterior home repair company – Clarke & Rush – for customer service that goes above and beyond.

Clarke & Rush has been replacing residential Sacramento windows for years. All of our professionals have received training from window installers with years of experience in the industry.

We believe that replacement windows should be beautifully designed and guaranteed for a lifetime. Our team begins each project by sitting down with the homeowners and discussing their wishes and plans for window replacement. As one of the premier Sacramento window companies, we guarantee quality by partnering with only the highest quality manufacturers.

Replacing Residential Windows With Vinyl Windows is Really Affordable.

With a wide range of colors, styles, and designs to choose from, you will receive high-quality windows that match the design of your home perfectly. In addition to guaranteed quality, our windows are also affordable. We also offer a variety of promotions designed to save homeowners money on the windows of their dreams.

Home window replacement should be completed by a company that is insured and bonded. Our family owned business has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is due to our customer-centric service and our ability to customize the size and types of windows to meet our customer’s needs. Our team consists of friendly, down-to-earth professionals that always are willing to answer any questions you may have.

Our team proudly embodies a standard of ethics and integrity that are unmatched in the home repair industry. If you are looking for replacement windows in Sacramento or the surrounding area, look no further than Clarke & Rush. Give us a call today, or fill out our request form online for a free in-home consultation.

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