Air Conditioner Replacement

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Typically, you should replace your air conditioner every 10-15 years or when you notice any of the following 4 signs:

  1. You need to call for repairs more often. If you need more than two  major repairs in any season, there is no question you need an air conditioner replacement. Even if you’ve had repairs any time in the last two years, you should consider an upgrade or new air conditioner installation.
  2. Your cooling bills are going up. Despite costs steadily rising year over year, your cooling bills shouldn’t creep up that much. If you notice a large increase, you may need to get a new air conditioner.
  3. Your home still feels hot. If it never seems like your home is cool enough, you may need get a new cooling system installed.
  4. You notice a reduction in air quality. If you or your family have noticed a decline in air quality in your home, it could very well be your air conditioner or HVAC system in general.

Sacramento Air Conditioner Installation

Without an efficient system you might find yourself sweating all summer long. Don’t put up with an air conditioner than can’t keep your home comfortable. The solution? Install a new air conditioner in your Sacramento home!

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What Types of Air Conditioning Units Are There?

The type of cooling system you choose should be based on the architecture of your Sacramento home, your environmental consciousness, and the size of your home.

  • Central air conditioning systems – Central AC units cool you home by pumping cold air through ducts in your walls and attic. With split systems, the evaporator coil is typically inside your home, so if you have limited space, you may want to choose a mini-split or heat pump.
  • Mini-split or ductless air conditioners – Mini-split systems eliminate the need for ductwork by using thin copper tubing that pumps refrigerant directly to wall mounted blowers inside one room. This also works in reverse in winter, absorbing heat from the outside air and moving it indoors to heat your home.
  • Heat pumps – Similar to mini-split systems, heat pumps absorb the air from the outside and remove the heat from it, creating a nice flow of cold air inside. Heat pumps do use ductwork, unless you specify for a ductless heat pump. In a reverse cycle, you can use a heat pump to heat your home as well.
  • Geothermal air conditioners – Using pipes buried deep in the ground, geothermal AC units use water and the earth’s temperature to extract heat from the air and pump out chilled air through ductwork. This is the most energy-efficient type of AC unit.

The Benefits of a New Air Conditioner Installation

Wondering why you might want to trade in your old, faithful air conditioner system for a new air conditioner upgrade in Sacramento, California? You might be surprised to find that the benefits are far more than just cooler air. When you choose an air conditioner installation with Clarke & Rush, you can expect:

  • Better home comfort. A modern cooling system just provides for your cooling needs better, easy as that. You’ll get more cooling for what you pay in, ensuring your home is well-equipped to handle the worst of a California summer.
  • A more efficient air conditioner. Not only will your new air conditioner upgrade be stronger, but you’ll even pay less to get your comfort! The energy-efficiency of newer Carrier models far, far outstrips that of older units, meaning more comfort at less cost.
  • More reliable cooling. Past the 10 to 15 year mark, you’ll notice that your current cooling unit will need repair more often, and is much more likely to wear out completely. Replacing your air conditioner now heads off the issue, reducing the stress of having to go without adequate cooling in the middle of a summer season.
  • Less carbon footprint and helping the environment. Older units still use R-22, a compound that is being gradually phased out due to its negative environmental impact and health risks. By swapping to a new system you’re not only getting a better system, but one that’s better for our planet as well.

Our trained specialists will help you choose the best AC unit for you and your family, and we offer up-front and honest pricing. We’re not happy unless you’re happy, so we’ll make sure your new air conditioner installation or replacement works as efficiently as possible.

Not sure which system is best for your Sacramento area home? The Clarke & Rush expert air conditioner technicians can help you decide! Contact us online or over the phone at 916-609-2669.

Air Conditioning Installation Checklist

Whether you’re installing new central AC equipment or replacing existing heating and cooling equipment, a quality installation of high-efficiency equipment can lower your energy bills, increase comfort in your home, and extend the useful life of your equipment. Energy-efficient central AC equipment will be:

Ducts circulate air from the central AC or heat pump throughout your home. Damaged ducts or ducts that are connected poorly will leak cold or hot air which wastes energy. We will take measurements of your home’s duct system leakage then repair or seal the ducts which improves your home’s energy efficiency.

The air flow in your heating and air systems need to have the right volume for operating efficiently. If air flow is too low or high, it could make your home less comfortable while increasing your energy bills. We will measure your home’s air flow and make any necessary adjustments so the system operates at peak efficiency.

It’s important for an air conditioner or heat pump to have the right amounts of refrigerant, this is sometimes referred to as the “refrigerant charge.” If your system is charged wrong it might use more energy resulting in higher humidity. We will test your home’s refrigerant charge and make any necessary adjustments. This makes your home more comfortable and helps you to avoid wasting money on your energy bills.

Installing the right size equipment for your home is important so you get the best performance. Oftentimes, a homeowner thinks bigger is better when they buy new equipment, but really, a system that’s too big will make your home less comfortable and reduce the equipment’s life with frequent “on/off” cycling. We will make sure you get the right sized system by measuring your home and calculating the right size.

Why Choose Clarke & Rush for Air Conditioner Installation?

Did you know that correctly installing an air conditioner can reduce your home’s cooling costs by up to 30 percent? Without a correctly installed air conditioner, you may have air flow problems, mechanical problems, and insulation problems that can cause cold air to escape.

Following these industry best practices helps us make sure your air conditioner is:

  • Correctly sized to meet your home’s needs
  • Connected to a well-sealed duct system
  • Operating with sufficient airflow in the system
  • Installed with the proper amount of refrigerant

Our team has expertly installed air conditioners in Sacramento area homes since 1963. Trust Clarke & Rush for air conditioner installation services in Sacramento, California—give us a call at 916-609-2669!