when should you replace your windows?

01 Feb 2018

When is it Time for A Window Replacement?

Windows are an important part of your home. They protect your home from the elements, let in natural light and play a big role in your home’s curb appeal. Even if you’ve been properly maintaining your windows, they will suffer wear and tear over time. Plus, new technology and advancements in window manufacturing has produced higher quality, more energy efficient windows. A window replacement could save you money on your energy bills and increase your property value.

How Do You Know When You Need New Windows?

Replacement windows for your home are a big investment, and there are some important factors to consider when you’re facing the decision to have them installed.

Any major investment in your home is a valuable one. A homeowner may choose to have replacement windows installed for a variety of reasons, such as adding more curb appeal to their home, or reducing their energy costs. Others may seek to limit noise from the outside, increase privacy or moderate the amount of light coming into their homes.

There are windows to suit every taste, decor, and preference, but they are can be expensive, and sometimes there are more affordable solutions than a full window replacement.

So what are some reasons for getting a full window replacement?

Repair A Window Or Replace A Window?

No matter how well-built a home is, nothing lasts forever – and windows are no exception. When you think about what your windows are exposed to on a daily basis, and the fact that they are made of glass, it is no wonder that they are one of your home’s more delicate features.

While a may seem that a shattered window from an overthrown baseball is a total disaster, it usually only requires replacing the glass panes themselves, and is less expensive than a full window replacement.

There are situations where replacing the window entirely is the only option though. If the seals fail on double-pane windows, air, moisture and particulate matter can enter the window and create a haze or fog that is impossible to remove. In this situation those double-pane windows also lose their energy-efficiency, and you might see your utility bills increase. In severe cases, the actual window frame can warp or become damaged.

If you have windows that just refuse to open, they will likely need to be replaced as well. There are numerous factors that cause windows to jam, including settling foundation, warped or deteriorated frames, or the frames being painted or otherwise sealed shut.

These same factors can cause the opposite problem too. You may feel like you can never get your windows closed tightly enough to stop all the drafts. If your windows won’t close all the way, you may also need full window replacement.

In addition to driving up your energy expenses, windows that won’t open or close can be a safety hazard in the event of an emergency. Installing replacement windows can make sure you and your family can make safe exits if needed, and save you on your utilities bills and reduce frustration.

Energy Efficient Windows

If you observe condensation on your windows, or draft air leaks, those are signs that your windows are not effectively protecting you and your home from the outside elements. The heated air flows out in the winter, and chilly outside air sneaks its way into your home, making your heater work harder than it needs to, and wasting your money. Older, single-pane windows are far less energy efficient, more prone to air leaks, and provide only a single pane of glass to protect and insulate your home from the elements outside.

Many local utilities providers offer a free energy assessment for your home, and can offer you some valuable insight on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Since windows are typically the source of up to 25% of the energy lost in homes, the auditor’s report should tell you how effectively your windows maintain proper energy and moisture control. The energy experts at Clarke & Rush can perform this assessment as well.

There may be some simple steps you can take to increase the energy efficiency in your home, like adding weather stripping or storm windows. If these less-expensive solutions don’t get the results you need, then a full window replacement may be necessary.

The Cost Of A New Window

It is difficult to give a clear estimate regarding the cost of a window replacement, since there are a lot of variables, like the size, shape, quantity, and fabrication materials. Windows can range in price from $200 to more than $1,000 each, so choosing to install them simply in an effort to save energy isn’t always cost-effective.

Installing insulation in your attic or roof, for example, may be a more cost-effective solution to reduce your energy expenses. Certain energy-efficient home improvements – like replacement windows – may qualify you for local, state and federal tax credits or rebates, too.

With numerous loan and incentive programs available, the price does not have to be prohibitive. Replacing your windows comes with several benefits: noise and light control, dust and allergen reduction, easier maintenance, and a beautiful new look for your home. Many new replacement windows are also friendly to the environment, which makes them even more attractive.

The Style Of A New Window

They say that eyes are the window to the soul, and windows are the eyes of your home. Your home’s windows help define its character and personality, and broken, faded or mismatched windows really detract from the curb appeal of your home.

new window style

Whether your replacement window needs are functional, aesthetic, or some combination of both, windows can be made to suit any need. Of course your budget plays a big role, but with so many options available, we can help you find replacement windows that meet your needs and your budget.

When Window Replacement is Necessary, Contact Clarke & Rush

At Clarke & Rush we understand the investment of a window replacement. But we also know that not all window problems require a replacement. Our team will do their best to advise you on which windows need to be replaced, and which options will best meet your needs and budget. While other companies may charge for this service, for us it is just a part of doing business honestly. If your windows do require replacement, our knowledgeable window specialists perform thorough installations to ensure the beauty, efficiency, and longevity for your replacement windows.

16 thoughts on “When is it Time for A Window Replacement?”

  1. It’s good to know that window replacement can give your home more curb appeal. My wife and I are looking into selling our home, and we think we need more curb appeal for it to be easier to sell. We’ll be looking further into our options for window repair and replacement to increase our home’s curb appeal.

  2. I like what you said about choosing new windows to limit noise from the street or improve the look of the house. My master bedroom windows have been leaking a lot lately. It may be an issue with the seal. We’ll probably have a glass repairman come in to fix it or replace it altogether.

  3. I love that you mentioned that condensation on windows is a good sign that you are not being properly protected from outside elements, and you should consider getting new ones that are energy efficient. We almost constantly have condensation on our windows during the winter, so I am wondering if they are the reason why we are spending so much on our energy bill. I will be sure to consider getting new energy efficient windows, so we could be more protected from the outside elements.

  4. It made sense when you said that the single-pane windows in older homes are less energy efficient because they allow for air leaks. Last month, my brother purchased an old fixer-upper home near his current neighborhood. I’ll show him your article to let him know that he’ll probably need to work with a window installation service during the renovation process.

  5. It’s good to know that you should get a window replaced if it’s hard to open. For the past couple of weeks, it has been really hard to open one of the windows in my living room and it almost feels like it’s glued shut. I’ll have to look into hiring a professional to come and replace the window in my living room.

  6. It’s good that you point out that getting new windows can make your home more energy-efficient. I’ve been looking for ways to lower my power bills, so I’m considering having new windows installed. I’m going to look for a good company in my area that can install some windows for me.

  7. Thank you so much for your advice to replace your window if the seals on the double-pane break and lose their energy efficiency. I’ve noticed some fogging on the window in my kitchen ever since it got cracked by accident last week. I’ll have to look into replacement window services in Chicago, IL soon.

  8. I never knew that energy-efficient windows will be a great option to replace your windows. My husband and I noticed that the windows at my mother’s house are damaged, and we are looking for advice about what to do. I will let him know about your recommendations to choose the best option to replace my mother’s windows.

  9. It helped me when you explained windows can cost about $200, and I think it is so important that I remember this. There is a window in my daughter’s room in the basement that keeps getting stuck and I think it is time to replace it. My husband said that we should better contact an expert in this field that could do this for us so we can solve this problem once and for all.

  10. It’s good that you point out that having your windows replaced can increase the value of your property. I want to put my home on the market soon, so I’m considering having my windows replaced before I do. I’m going to look for a good company in the area that does new window installation.

  11. Thanks for helping me learn more about when a window needs replacement. We just moved to the house my mom purchased last month and after living here for a week, my mom is considering replacing the windows. Using energy-efficient windows that can prevent cold air from sneaking into our home during winter is a great idea. I should pitch this idea to my mom so she’d consider installing energy-efficient windows as a replacement.

  12. My sister just bought an old victorian-style home and she mentioned some of the windows refuse to open. After reading this post, I will suggest to my sister to have it replaced. But because the size and the shape of the windows are unique, I will advise her to hire a professional as they will have all the relevant tools.

  13. I think it’s helpful for you to point out that we can replace the glass pane instead of a full window replacement for less serious cases like broken glass. One of my window panes kept flapping under the recent storm and in turn, its edges are slightly cracked and can’t close properly. I think that perhaps I will need a replacement for the whole window.

  14. Such an informative and helpful article! You posted a good article to give me the best information to all time. I really get inspired by your blog. Thanks for sharing this. I loved it and waiting for more to come.

  15. I didn’t know that replacing my windows can have the added benefit of dust and allergen reduction! My daughter has asthma and I would imagine that I can help reduce her asthma symptoms if I replace my windows. Of course, my windows are also quite old and it’s sometimes very hard for me to open them — they definitely need replacement anyway! I will definitely talk to my husband about replacing our windows for a new look and also for the health of our daughter.

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