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What is a Split Air Conditioner?

Split air conditioner units are made up of two main parts. First is the compressor, which is located outside of your home. The second is an air outlet, which is inside of your home. Split air conditioners depend on a group of pipes that are used to connect the compressor outside to the outlet inside, dissimilar from units that require ductwork in the ceiling of your home. This is why these units are commonly referred to as ductless mini-split air conditioners. Refrigerant is spread through the copper piping that runs through the system to create cold air or heated air.

Are Split Air Conditioning Systems Energy Efficient?

Split systems ranked with the highest ENERGY STAR rating permit your home’s air conditioning system to be far more energy efficient. It helps keep your monthly cost down, as well, since it uses less energy.

What are the benefits of a Split Air Conditioner?

If there is no ducting present in your home, a split air conditioner is a viable option because you won’t run-up the cost by having ductwork installed in each of the rooms.

A single system works great within a small area, and provides ample heat or cooling. Using it alongside other components, such as ceiling fans, can make you far more comfortable.

The ability to expand the system with additional outlets for more rooms is another great benefit. Known as a multi-split air conditioner, each room has its own thermostat permitting individual control to turn the air on or off as necessary. Rather than having to run duct work to each room, the only requirement is a small run of the copper tubing to connect the inside and outside units.

How do I choose the right Split Air Conditioner for my home?

We recommend purchasing your system through a licensed contractor that is experienced and employs certified technicians. This will save you from potential damage, poor installation, and other headaches that may come along with DIY installation, or handyman services. One thing you’ll want to be certain of is that the size of unit is compatible with your home and its conditioning needs.

Selecting a correctly sized unit will keep you from losing money because of a system that doesn’t work efficiently at keeping your home comfortable, and causes your utility bill to increase.

Can I Install a Split Air Conditioning Unit Myself?

Proper installation of your ductless split air conditioning system is critical. Installed improperly, a few things can occur:

  1. The unit will not heat or cool at peak performance.
  2. It will run inefficiently, and you’ll see an increase in your utility bill.
  3. The added stress from not running properly will decrease the life of the unit.

How do I protect my investment?

The best thing we can tell you is to hire a licensed contractor that employs certified technicians. Installing these units by yourself, or using non-certified hired help will void the warranty for the air conditioning system. Don’t try to save a dollar here. A small mistake can end up costing you much more that you had anticipated.

What else should I consider?

Keep in mind that the technician installing the unit will be working with refrigerant. Qualified installers should have a refrigerant license that will prove that they are qualified to use the material, and properly dispose of it, as well.

The cost difference of a split system versus a traditional HVAC system may not be much, though they have been proven to be a cost-effective alternative in homes that do not have ducting. Used along with other window air conditioners, space or oil heaters and other such devices can make your home that much more comfortable.