Water Leak? Water Damage.

Leak Detection can save you from damage expenses.

Plumbing systems runs in, on, under, and around your home. Most of the PVC pipes, PEX and Copper or Galvanized piping is likely hidden from view, which makes it hard to know if a leak has begun in an unsuspected spot. Crawling under the house to identify any potential issues is a possible solution. Though, it is doubtful that anyone will regularly make the trek under their home for the sake of preventative plumbing maintenance.

Honestly, maintaining your plumbing is likely something you wouldn’t really consider until there was an issue large enough that is was noticeable, and already causing damage.

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Noticing Changes in Your Water Quality

If you’re experiencing higher than normal water utility bills, or have noticed an increase in water usage without actually using more water for irrigation, pool use (or other areas of water usage) you may want to consider having Clarke & Rush perform a leak detection service. Also, if you’ve noticed debris in your water, or discoloration. Leaks also allow contaminants to enter the water lines and compromise your drinking water.

Top Notch Leak Detection Equipment

Clarke & Rush utilizes state-of-the-art detection equipment that can identify slab leaks, hidden water leaks, and sewer line leaks. Catching these plumbing problems before they get out of control can save you thousands in damage repair, or simply clean up your drinking water to ensure your family is drinking clean, clear, safe water.

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D.I.Y. Plumbing Leak Check tips:

Check your water meter:

First, be sure all faucets, spigots and sprinklers are completely off. Locate your water meter and note the position of the dial hand or write down the meter reading if it is a digital display. We recommend beginning this check before running to the store or some other errand, as you will need to give the system a few hours to compile data. Once an adequate amount of time has passed (1-2 hours should suffice) take another look at your meter. If the usage numbers have increased, you have a leak of some type, and it’s costing you money.

Listen for water leaking:

Occasionally, you will be able to hear a leak assuming it’s bad enough that a fair amount of water is being lost. You simply shut down all faucets, spigots, sprinklers, etc. as stated previously. After everything is closed and no water should be moving, listen carefully under sinks, near the water closet, under the house, or near any irrigation. This is not a full proof testing method, but can lead to leak discovery. Should you have questions or concerns regarding potential leaks you can give us a call. We will send a certified plumber to diagnose the issue.