Solar Panel Installation in Sacramento, CA

Adding solar panels to your home is a great way to lower your energy costs and protect the environment. If you’ve been thinking about investing in solar panels, but still are not quite convinced of their efficacy, then read through these 5 facts about solar energy.

5 Facts You Should Know About Solar Energy for Your Sacramento Home

1. Types of Solar Energy

There are two types of solar energy: 

  • Passive solar energy uses sun’s energy directly without any intervening technology. An example of this is a strategically placed window that heats the home in the morning.
  • Active solar energy, also called photovoltaic energy, involves harnessing solar energy to produce other types of energy, namely electricity. An example of active solar energy is the use of solar panels.

2. Solar Energy is Versatile

Current technology makes it possible to meet the needs of any home in Sacramento using solar panels. In fact, many homeowners are living completely “off the grid” and use solar panels to generate all electricity for everyday use.

3. Solar Energy is Scalable

If you aren’t ready to completely integrate solar energy throughout your home, you can utilize solar panels to supplement electricity from your utility company. Many people use solar energy to power their HVAC systems, water heaters, and appliances alongside energy from the power company.

4. Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home

Solar panels can add up to $20 dollars in home value for every $1 you save in energy costs per year. So if your solar panels save you $1000 a year on your energy bill, then your home’s value can increase up to $20,000! How’s that for a return on investment?

5. Solar Panels Pay for Themselves

Aside from increased home values, your panels pay off in other ways, too. Every year, you should expect a return of 5 to 10% of the full cost of solar panels in energy savings. That means that your solar panels will pay for themselves in as little as 10 years.

how sacramento solar works

How Solar Panels Work

  • Sunlight is collected through the solar panels, which then turns into electricity
  • The newly created electricity then moves to the inverter
  • From the inverter it moves to the Utility Meter
  • The utility meter distributes the electricity to your home
  • Excess power goes back to the utility company

Benefits of Buying A Solar System

  • Purchase the panels, you own them
  • Create your own energy
  • Lower your electricity bills, may even never receive another bill

If ownership is important to you then a solar purchase is the best choice for you. Prices have come down recently and combined with the 30% Federal Tax Credit purchasing a solar system just makes financial sense.

The Advantages of Solar in Sacramento

  • Save Money – One of the biggest benefits to retrofitting your home to solar electricity is lowering your electricity bill; in some cases you will not have a bill.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – By creating your own “clean” energy you cut down on pollution and waste created by conventional coal and nuclear production plants.
  • Preserving the Earth’s Resources – By using solar energy you are preserving the limited resources of our lands, lessening the ups and downs of the demands on coal and fossil fuels.

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