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Commercial HVAC Installation in Sacramento

Since 1963 Clarke & Rush Mechanical has installed and serviced commercial heating and cooling equipment in commercial installations throughout California and the Southwest United States. A unique contracting firm, the company’s mechanical abilities range from major equipment installation to routine service calls.


From schools, to hospitals, to apartments, to high-rise buildings, the Clarke & Rush name if known for quality, dependability and experience. Rod Rush and John Peck, Directors of Clarke & Rush, represent over 57 years of industry experience. Housed in a 5000 square foot facility and licensed in the areas of Heating & Air Conditioning, Hydronic Heating, and Sheet Metal Fabrication, Clarke & Rush presently employs more than 85 full-time personnel including licensed Mechanical Engineers, Installers, Welders, Sheet Metal Technicians, Service Personnel, and Project Managers to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain a full range of mechanical cooling and heating equipment.


A long-time industry leader in the new construction and retro-fit markets, Clarke & Rush offers the commercial client a number of energy saving, cost-effective services including air conditioning, refrigeration and heating equipment installation, retro-fit, replacement and service, system remodeling, air balancing, exhaust system installation, and custom ducting, hoods and vent systems.


New construction services from concept to turn-key are a Clarke & Rush specialty. An in-house team of licensed Professional Engineers service the commercial market. Maintaining the company-wide philosophy of “Single Source, Sole Responsibility,” the Engineer assigned to your project stays with the job long after the design, installation and implementation phases are over. The same Clarke & Rush expert that designed your system coordinates the purchase of quality name-brand equipment, oversees the installation and instructs you and your staff in its effective use and minor maintenance. By providing the complete, full range of services, Clarke & Rush is able to confidently ensure that each customer receives complete comfort and cost-control services designed to meet their individual needs.


Clarke & Rush designs the most efficient systems available. Natural gas or propane to replace existing electrical systems, radiant floor heating, well water for cooling, a boiler for radiant heating system – Our experts consider every possible alternative to increase energy efficiency and conserve costly resources.


Clarke & Rush offers customized preventative maintenance programs. Clarke & Rush has performed 5, 10, and 15-year cost studies comparing customers who have utilized programmed maintenance agreements to those who have simply called for service as problems arise. These studies have revealed that the non-scheduled customers’ cost for maintenance was over EIGHT TIMES that of the programmed maintenance customer.


Clarke & Rush boasts a fully-stocked parts department and is an authorized dealer and factory service representative for Carrier, Lennox, Glowcore and Novar products. For over 25 years, Clarke & Rush has offered professional services in the areas of heating, air conditioning, and energy management and has reduced energy use, increased and enhanced comfort, and saved money for their customers.


Energy and resource savings begin with a call to Clarke & Rush Mechanical Contractors. Our resource conservation division has a team of experts ready to design a complete and cost-effective program to meet your individual needs.


In 1977, The company established its Energy & Resource Management Division. Since that time, Clarke & Rush has provided energy management services for more than 15-million square feet of building space. Every Clarke & Rush project has saved the customer money by reducing energy use, extending equipment life and efficiently directing other resources including time, manpower, chemicals and supplies.

Precision design and installation and follow-up are the key elements in a cost-effective energy conservation project. Each step must be performed to the highest standards of quality and must maintain the total integrity of the original engineering concepts. Clarke & Rush provides clients with a single source, sole responsibility team to manage all phases of the project, including design, financing, installation, service and monitoring.


First, our evaluation team conducts an on-site facility survey of all building operating systems to determine how all the interactive elements can work together to save resources and dollars.

Then these engineering specialists analyze the information from this survey to determine specific energy saving opportunities and provide system design recommendations based on cost effectiveness of individual conservation measures, and on how quickly the money saved on lower utility bills will pay for the proposed project.


Next, a Clarke & Rush team of licensed Mechanical & Professional Engineers meet to develop a comprehensive energy conservation program to meet the customer’s technical, operational and financial requirements. A total resource management approach permits Clarke & Rush to formulate a cost-effective plan that results in the highest yield of energy and resource savings.


Once energy saving improvements are authorized, Clarke & Rush begins to arrange financing for the project. Typically, no initial capital outlay is required by the client, as project costs are designed to be paid for by projected energy savings. The savings projections are the result of applications of sound engineering fundamentals and are based on recognized American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards and procedures.


Next, highly trained and licensed Clarke & Rush technicians construct and install the system. We’re licensed in the areas of Heating & Air Conditioning, High-Pressure Steam & Hydronic Heating, and Sheet Metal Fabrication, and are certified by the American Energy Engineers as an Energy Conservation Contractor.

Clarke & Rush employs 85 full-time engineers, technicians, and support personnel (backed by a fleet of 40 vehicles) to design, install, monitor, maintain and provide 24-hour emergency services to ensure system performance.


When the project is complete and running, we continue to ensure this performance by verifying that engineering concepts are correctly implemented, constantly analyzing system performance, and determining if and when corrective measures are needed.

Our continuing service also includes the upgrading of your system as new technology develops or as your needs change. We also provide training to help you and your staff operate the system efficiently, and we periodically inspect your equipment to help you avoid costly maintenance. Staying with the project is just one more way that Clarke & Rush stands by the customer to provide complete satisfaction.


Since 1963, Clarke & Rush has maintained a professional service department staffed by factory certified technicians servicing the commercial, residential, institutional and industrial markets. These experienced, highly-qualified technicians are acknowledged experts in troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining a full spectrum of mechanical equipment. As an added benefit to the customer, Clarke & Rush invests in continuous training programs ensuring that its service technicians remain up-to-date on the latest equipment and service techniques.


Using top tier dispatching software, Clarke & Rush utilizes a fleet of 40 vehicles to provide 24-hour emergency service. As a service or warranty call is received by the Service Department, the customer’s service history is readily available, so appropriate actions are determined and scheduled in order to provide the most expedient service possible.


As a licensed contractor in the areas of Heating & Air Conditioning, High Pressure Steam & Hydronic Heating, and Sheet Metal Fabrication, Clarke & Rush provides repair and maintenance for a full range of commercial equipment including boilers, chillers, air conditioning and heating units and automated controls, as well as residential heating and cooling equipment.

Supermarkets and institutions requiring walk-in coolers call on Clarke & Rush for installation, repair and maintenance services. As recognized boiler service experts, when the Winter season begins and boilers begin to heat-up, Clarke & Rush trucks are seen regularly at schools, hospitals, plants, commercial buildings and residences in the Sacramento area. One of the company’s most interesting projects to date was the restoration of a steam locomotive for the California State Railroad Museum. Utilizing a staff of in-house Mechanical & Professional Engineers, the Service Department completely restored the coal-fired boiler to its original working condition. Engine number 4466, now runs up and down the Sacramento waterfront/


Clarke & Rush offers customized preventative maintenance programs. Clarke & Rush has performed 5, 10, and 15-year cost studies comparing customers who have utilized programmed maintenance agreements to those who have simply called for service as problems arise. These studies have revealed that the non-scheduled customers’ cost for maintenance was over EIGHT TIMES that of the programmed maintenance customer.

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Gain The Benefits of a Perfect HVAC System Installation

We take your business and comfort needs very seriously. And to meet those needs, our team utilizes cutting edge tools and top class knowledge to pair your business with an HVAC system that is absolutely ideal. Our installation services work to optimize your new HVAC system for absolute performance and peerless energy-efficiency, helping you to avoid costs and complications while preserving you and your associate’s comfort.

Top class solutions from leading manufacturers including Carrier and American Standard make up a part of our promise to you to always bring the best in service, quality, and assurance to meet all of your commercial business needs.

Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System?

An outdated or underperforming furnace or air conditioning system can place your business in a difficult position. Low quality solutions decrease comfort drastically, and increase the overall cost of maintaining your business. A timely replacement and installation from leading professionals like those at Clarke & Rush can restore your business to proper function, saving you time, money, and stress that you simply cannot afford to sacrifice.

It’s about time to consider replacing your commercial HVAC system when:

  • Costs begin to mount. Maintaining monthly costs can be challenging enough without a commercial HVAC system that is dragging along and underperforming in efficiency. When energy or fuel costs begin to hike, speak to our team about a replacement HVAC solution.
  • Your system cannot meet your comfort needs. If your commercial HVAC system cannot keep up with maintaining the temperature in your business, it’s simply not worth investing in any longer. When this happens, you can count on our experts to provide the ideal solution.
  • Repairs begin to be an issue. Our experts are proud to provide leading repair services for commercial HVAC systems. But we know just as well as you do that repair costs can mount quickly, meaning a replacement begins to make more and more sense if repair is simply not cutting it.
  • Your HVAC system is out of date. A decade old system is leagues behind the market in efficiency, effectiveness, and comfort quality. Ask our team about replacing your system if you feel your needs are not being met, or could be better served with a modern HVAC solution.