“Yeah this is Gary Barmby and John Wiltshire came out to do some work on my unit and he did a really good job and I am very appreciative of having him out there with is attitude and everything. He is very personable person and I just wanted to let you know he was a good guy to have out there.”

“Hi this is Dorothy Herd I had John Whitshire here to checkout my air conditioning on Friday. I want to report he was very, very polite and did a very good job, which what I thought was very thorough, so I was very happy he was sent and did a good job thank you.”

“Hi my name is Mike Doray, and I just had some work performed on my system your company installed and has been servicing since you put it in.I want to say the technician Robert did a very good job explaining to me what was going on and what the problem were and I appreciate it thank you.”

“Yes Hello this is Mr. Kenneth Lee, my comments are that we had a team from Clarke and Rush just finish installing a new air conditioning, heating system for our house, last week. Our house required two units for each, the team consisted of Mike, Arie, and Dominic, who worked for four full days removing the old equipment and updating us to a new system. They did an excellent job, they were very pleasant to work with, showed up on time each day, kept us informed what was being done, handled a number of unexpected problems very well, and did a thorough clean up at the end of each day. The work was on budget with no additional costs, and the Clarke Rush bid was very competitive with other vendors. All and all I would say we were very satisfied, first time users of Clarke Rush services, and would consider using them again in the future, if all their employees were like the team that helped us with our installation. So thank you very much.”

“Hi this is Helen and Ed Burraco, we just had Brandon fix a problem he was quick, efficient, professional, very kind, and very, very nice young man. Thank you very much we really appreciated him. Bye Bye.”

“Hi my name is Janell Moore and I had a lot of work done, and I used the Ygreen program. Everyone that worked on my house, I had new HVAC, new hot water heater, new windows, everyone was awesome. Then yesterday I discovered my hot water heater was leaking on the bottom, I thought it was the washer but I looked everywhere with a flash light and made sure it was for sure the hot water heater. Well, Brandon Lee just came out and I was really embarrassed it was not the hot water heater it was the filter line going through the wall to the refrigerator and I was too short to see it, and I was really embarrassed but Brandon was so sweet about it. Just like everyone so awesome the customer service was great everything is great. All my neighbors are like, “How can you afford to have all that stuff done?” and I have told them all how to do it and to do it with Clarke and Rush because you guys are awesome. Thanks again.”

“Hi my name is Linda Bolin, I had the technician John Wiltshire yesterday. He is just an incredible technician and just did a lot of details and great work on my unit. Made me feel, just so great, he just did a great job,I really just appreciate his hard work, it was really great, and I definitely would like him as the technician in the future.”

“Good afternoon my name is Monika Bassel, I had an AC and furnace installed yesterday, and I would like to recognize Tony, Dustin, and Dominic. They did a wonderful job and I am very appreciative. They explained everything, courteous;everything was just one hundred percent. Thank you.”

“I had maintenance appointment today and John Wilshire was very, very good I appreciated his service. He was polite, very nice, and did a thorough job. Thank you, bye now.”

“Hello this is Lloyd Bean a customer of yours, Lloyd and Patty, came out and did our house a couple weeks ago…new everything. Everybody did a great job, the four people for the two days that did it; Dust, Luke, Tony and Sergi, they did a real good job installing. They seemed like they a really knew what they were doing, and they were very efficient. A couple days later we had Brian and Jose with the insulation, same thing everything was cleaned up, everything nice. Did a good job, you guys are great. Brian the consultant he is very good. I want to thank you.”

Lloyd and Patty Bean

“I had Eric Rust come out this morning to service my heating he was wonderful, very kind, and explained everything. I will always use him, I have always used Robert Clarke before but Eric is wonderful. He has done a very satisfaction work today.Thank you”

“I am calling to say I give John W. an A+ he worked hard, he explained everything he was doing, very pleasant, and friendly in general just all around great guy. Thank you very much.”

“Hi Mr. Rush this is Dr. Herring calling just wanted to say three things. One Happy New Year! Two you run a first class operation, you handled this so professionally that I can’t think of a more professional company.Thirdly, Mike, I just can’t say enough great things about Mike the installer, he is just superb you are lucky to have him with you. Again Happy New Year! Thank you so kindly, thanks Pat.”

“Eric came out today to check our heat pump unit. He did an excellent job I was very, very pleased with how he did everything and prefer to have him every time because he does an excellent job. Anyway thank you very much.”

“We had Eric come to our home and fix our heating did a wonderful job was very thorough, we are very happy. Thank you bye”

“They were here on Tuesday they did a beautiful job. It was Mr. Eric Rust was the technician, we were very pleased with their work. It’s the same quality we have had from Clarke and Rush for the last 20 years.”

“Brian and Arthur just left here and I need to tell you they did a wonderful job. Instead of three days it only took two days and I mean the place is clean, spotless they taped the sides of the walls. It was just a marvelous job and they were very friendly and accommodating. Thank you, thank you so much.”

“Eric Rust was very good coming out here to service our house.”

“I had a service man at my home this morning, Eric Rust, to do maintenance; annual maintenance. He did a great job very professional, very knowledgeable. When I do my next inspection, I would probably request him to come out and do it. Thank you.”

“Yesterday Tobia and Brian were up here installing insulation in my attic, they did a fantastic job. They were very clean, very courteous, tidied up when they were finished. They went above and beyond helped out repairing a few things, left over from the heating and ventilation guys, that were here the last week. So Brian and Tobia, great guys, good assets for your company. Thanks”

“I have been a customer of Clarke and Rush probably longer than any of you have been born. Eric Rust just came out and checked my system, he was a very affable, pleasant, young man. He did a superb job, was very efficient, very clean, came in pleasantly, and left and took everything with him; and he was just a delight. So please thank him for me and I look forward to continue being a customer. Thank you.”

Gretchen Christophel

“I just had John Wilshire here to maintain my heater and I am very satisfied with him so I just wanted to call you. Thank you bye.”

“I just had new furnace and air conditioning unit installed. I just wanted to compliment the team that came out, Mike and Tobia. Both were very professional and treated the house and surroundings with great respect,and did a heck of a job got everything together, answered all my silly questions. I want to compliment them on being very good representatives of Clarke and Rush. I also want to say the whole process from getting the quote, to the initial inspection, everything has been handled very very well. So props to all of you guys, I am very happy I called and got all of this done. Thank you.”

“I’m calling to let you know the good job your technician did,John Wilshire, I’m very impressed with John. The young man, I have been dealing with your guy since you put in my system in 2004, and never once in the time that you have come out to do the maintenance never once has anyone shown me actually what they were doing and this young man did it. Seeing what it looked like and seeing the picture what it looked like on the roof, I was very shocked and thankful and I thought maybe wow, if I would have known or seen this maybe a long time ago or maybe when it really started going bad, I would have gotten the work done sooner. But none of the technicians ever bothered to show me any of what they were doing on the roof. To me it means a lot I appreciate it he was a very courteous young professional technician and when he comes out to do the work sometime next week, I want him to come, I prefer that he finish whatever was start because he needs to order some parts for me, for them to work on he has to order the wheel or whatever he showed me but I can’t remember. But anyways I think he was a very good technician and maybe perhaps all the technicians should show pictures or show the parts or actually ask the customer if they would like to see. Alright thank you.”

“We just had our heater fixed so the carbon dioxide did not comeback into our engineering room. I wanted to compliment John Wilcher for his job it was efficient and I think very good. I am just conveying my appreciation.”

“I had two of your crews out this week Dustin and his team did there placement of the heater and ac, and ducting then Arthur and Brian came through and took care of the insulation. All of them were really great, were on time, described what was going to happen, kept me informed as the progress continued, did what they said they were going to do, met the contract. I have nothing but praise for all the guys on all the teams and I just wanted to pass that on.”

“I just had John Wilshire here to maintain my heater and I am very satisfied with him so I just wanted to call you. Thank you bye.”

“John Wilshire did an inspection on my furnace and I want to tell you what a nice young man he was and he did his job very well. He is coming back to do a repair on Thursday. So anyway I wanted to let you know he is a very nice young man and doing a nice job for you. Thank you very much, bye bye.”

“Hi I was just calling, Jose and Tony just came over to fix my heater, repaired it, and I was just calling to let you know they did a very good job on that, so just calling to let you guys know. Thank you very much.”

“We had purchased a replacement heat-pump system from Clarke & Rush over a year ago. We did have some problems with it, and once Clarke & Rush determined it was a manufacturer’s defect, the system was repaired and works fine. We dealt with Mark Thyne on that purchase and subsequent follow up, and when it came time to replace a complete HVAC system that served the first floor of our home, we contacted Mark and also three other HVAC companies. We were not under the gun this time in terms of being a rush, and so took our time evaluating the four bids. We decided to go with Clarke & Rush again, and the extensive installation/insulation work went off without a hitch. We were particularly appreciative of the work done by the insulation installers, Arthur & Anthony, who were polite, cleaned up after themselves, and very responsive to our questions. Count us as very satisfied Clarke & Rush customers.”

Robert D.

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the end result of the work that Rusty and his crew, John and Jose did on our house. We just absolutely love the new system! They were very professional, we really appreciated everything they did. They went above and beyond, in terms of re-routing our ductwork and all of that and we couldn’t be happier! We have had the system in for a few weeks now and just love it!”

“Brian and Richard did a fine job on Wednesday blowing the insulation into my attic. They arrived on time and completed the job very efficiently. Thank you”

“I’d like to personally thank Art and Tony (and another guy that I can’t remember his name unfortunately) for all the hard work they did removing 100 years of old gross attic muck, insulation and roofing debris. They were professional, timely and did a terrific job with removal and installation of new insulation. We’re pleased with all our interactions. They made sure to keep a potentially VERY messy job very unmessy in regards to our living space. Thanks for making it a pleasant experience!”

Marie L.

“I am just blown away by all the favorable reviews for this company. Surely I am not the only person whose experience with C&R has been an epic failure. Today is 12/12/2014 and I have been trying since 11/18/2014 to get my heater repaired. The problem was diagnosed 11/25/2014. The parts were not ordered until AFTER 12/1/2014. The tech brought the parts out 12/9/2014 just to find that one of the parts was the wrong one. (Had to replace the compressor and inside evap coil on a unit less that 1.5 years old. This has been a “known” problem with Carrier units for over a year. ) I was told the correct part would be overnighted with a date of 12/11/2014. Today is the 12th and I have not heard a word from this company. There is a lack of internal communication with this company and deficit in their customer care priorities. The only good thing to come out of this colossal comedy of errors is Mark, the technician. He has been more than willing to be HONEST and answer my multitude of questions. Hopefully this saga will end soon! Curious to see if this review even gets posted.”

Dee Stretars

“I had some plumbing issues under my house and the cast iron line had to be replaced. Brandon was here and he is just a wonderful employee. You are very fortunate to have someone like Brandon working there. If I ever have any problems plumbing wise, I hope Brandon can take care of me, because he is certainly a wonderful reflection on Clarke & Rush.”

“We use Clarke & Rush on our property in West Sacramento for all plumbing repairs. Scott Woods best technician I ever worked with. Knowledgeable, great customer service, very professional, fair pricing, excellent job done every time, no recalls! Team at Bryte Gardens apartments”

Viktor Paskal

“Jose and Rusty were 2 of the best techs we have ever dealt with for any installation. Professional, courteous, friendly and efficient. From Terri in installations to the field crew, everyone was great. We really recommend Clarke and Rush for your plumbing and heating needs.”

Mel Bird

“One of our heating/air conditioning units went on the blink recently and the repairman said that it was old and would be better to replace it rather than repair it which repaired unit would only last for several more years. Mark Thyme, Staff Engineer for Clarke & Rush contacted us to discuss replace vs. repair. THE PROPOSAL We told Mark that the heat/AC unit was installed in 1997. He said that the units were much more efficient now and that it would be better to replace it. He said that we might also consider replacing the other heat/AC unit also installed in 1997. Mark said that if we replaced both units plus two 1997 water heaters and installed more attic insulation, we would be eligible for credits from SMUD and PG&E on the order of $3,500-4,000. Mark was very thorough and precise in explaining how everything would would work and provided us with a cost estimate plus a concise easy to understand contract. Under the agreement, Clarke & Rush would handle everything, including obtaining required permits and the credits from SMUD and PG&E He was very professional and not a bit pushy in presenting us with the alternatives. We decided to replace everything. HEAT/AC & WATER HEATER INSTALLATION Steve Ottley, Lead Installer arrived on time with his crew on the date set for installation. Steve explained what they were going to do and that it would probably take a total of three days to complete the job. Steve and his crew did an excellent job with minimal disruption to our household and completed the job in two days. Both heat/AC units and both water heaters are working perfectly. INSULATION INSTALLATION Arthur Rivera, Lead Insulation Installer, and his assistant arrived on time on the planned day. Arthur explained what they were going to do and how long it would take. I expected that this was going to inconvenience us, but there was minimal disruption to us and they completed the task in early afternoon. Arthur showed me photos of what they had done and that they had actually installed the insulation to a deeper level than required. He and his assistant were very professional and efficient. RECOMMENDATION We were completely satisfied with all parts of the replacement project. All personnel were knowledgeable, friendly, and proficient. We didn’t get other bids for the work, so don’t know about the price, but it seemed reasonable. We highly recommend Clarke & Rush for heating, air conditioning, water heater, and similar type work.”

Bernadette and David Augustine

“Eric Rust came to my house 11/04/14 and he was very prompt. He has a wonderful helping attitude ( friendly, and knowledgeable ) He check everything on our heating and air system and suggested a couple of things that would save us some money on our utility bill. Good job Eric”

M. Leighton

“Your company today installed a heating and air conditioning system for me, I had two people Tony and Dave do the installation and they were on time and very professional and took care to clean up and did an excellent job! I was extremely happy with everything they did. So Thank You so Much.”

“Our Service Technician, Eric was on time, friendly, informative and provided professional customer service. We’re happy with the work and service contract.”


“Great job today by Anthony and Arthur in adding insulation in the attic of our home!”

Mary Ann Carrasco

“Eric Rust the Service Tech was just at my house and I want to compliment him on his manner and his information. Thank you very much Eric and I hope to see you again.”

“We had our AC and Heater installed and the guys are great! They did an awesome job and we couldn’t be happier!”

“I just recently had my AC installed and insulation and the people who came out did an extremely good job. They took care of all the problems, took care of answering all my questions. For insulation, Arthur and Brian were very considerate, did the job fast and did it very well. I just wanted say how well and how impressed I was by this service. I was very pleased for choosing you for this work… Overly, more than pleased!”

“Your people have just installed an air conditioning and heating system for me. The two installers were very professional, they answered all the questions I had and made the entire process quite effortless. This has been a positive experience from your sales person and the installers. If my neighbors ask, I will recommend your service.”

“I just had new air conditioner and heater installed by Clarke & Rush. They did a great job and was able to get all the rebates for me through SMUD and PG&E. They were very polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks Clarke & Rush… my new system is working great!”

Janet Lance

“Due to the age of my a/c unit I decided to replace it. after getting quotes from 4 contractors I decided on Clark and Rush. Aaron Turnbow was my sales rep. and I felt he did a great job of explaining my options and showed me the rebates that was available in my area, the other 3 contractors never mentioned any rebates. the installers did a great job and kept me apprised of the progress as the day went on. they wound up doing quite a bit of extra stuff that was not in the original contract without any additional charge. my installer Steve Ottley and his partner were great. if I was to do this again I would want these two installers to do the work. Great job and I would highly recommend Clark & Rush.”

Tim Harbert

“Outstanding! The difference between previous a/c company and Clarke is amazing. Very professional and quality work done by Dustin and Luke. Great two to work with-they knew what they were doing and very efficient. It was pleasure doing business with them including Mark who gave me the estimate, which I considered fair. Thank you.”

Keith Boal