Sacramento's Home Performance Experts

Since 1963, we have been the premier home performance products and service experts in the greater Sacramento area.

Our Whole House Retrofit program focuses on ultimate home performance in order to provide energy savings while increasing your home’s comfort.

As an approved contractor for Energy Upgrade California, Clarke & Rush is able to offer the best products while still delivering affordable prices through incredible financing and rebate offers. We are also qualified to deliver SMUD and PG&E home performance programs that can amount to thousands of dollars in rebates.

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Retrofitting your home often makes economic sense and increases the energy efficiency and air quality in your home.

We are proud to offer an important opportunity for our customers. Home performance pre-assessments are now being offered at no cost to homeowners. These assessments can lead to generous financial benefits, such as rebates and low-interest financing with GoGreen, Loanglide, and CaliforniaFirst.

Both the SMUD Home Performance and PG&E’s Whole House programs employ the services of Clarke & Rush professionals to complete a standardized home energy pre-assessment.

This aims to provide an accurate assessment in order to identify any area of your home’s performance that could be costing you money. Your home is measured for heating, cooling, windows, doors, insulation and plumbing, including hot water heaters. If needed, we can even help improve your indoor air quality by sealing leaks and cracks that let unfiltered outside air make its way inside.

We can analyze your home, provide you with a professional recommendation, and help you apply for the GoGreen, Loanglide,and CaliforniaFirst.

Why Trust Clarke & Rush Home Performance Services?

Upon having your home assessed, our expert energy consultants present customers with a prioritized list of retrofits to increase your home’s energy performance. Homeowners will also receive a quote showing the actual costs as well as any rebates available to them. From here, you may choose to implement specific improvements from the PG&E Whole House or SMUD Home Performance Programs in order to best fit your home’s needs.

There is no obligation and no pressure; homeowners decide which improvements they want to do and when to do them. Rebates can be directly applied to the contract or directly to the homeowner.

Clarke & Rush has been local to Sacramento for over half-century, and energy efficiency has always been essential to our business model. We have been evaluating energy efficiency and performing Whole House Retrofits since long before this was all in the national spotlight. Because of our history, we have led the industry in this arena, and we plan to continue to do so.

In fact, Clarke & Rush is proud to be a designated Home Performance Contractor, a distinction awarded to only a handful of local companies. We have received an Achievement Award from the US Federal Government Department of Energy, Century Award winner from Energy Star and are a SMUD High Performing Contractor and a SMUD Pilot Contractor. We worked hard to earn these awards and designations, and we remain committed to delivering the region’s highest quality home performance to Sacramento’s families.

As we mentioned before, HVAC systems, windows, insulation, and air sealing all impacted home energy performance and overall home performance. To address all of these issues, Clarke & Rush has trained experts in each of these specialized areas. Our home performance teams must meet requirements established by the SMUD Home Performance and PG&E Whole House Programs as well as Energy Upgrade California, so when you call Clarke & Rush, you know you’re getting the best technicians in the business. Whether we are completing a whole house retrofit or making simple upgrades for home performance, our customers receive the latest technology and best service from our home performance teams. All of the work done to your home, from the original audit to a Whole House Retrofit will be done by a qualified Clarke & Rush team, not by subcontractors.

We want to take this opportunity to explain why so many homeowners care about home performance. Sacramento is unique because of the extreme conditions we may face during both the summer and wintertime. We can go from record high summer temperatures to below freezing in winter, putting big demands on your home performance systems. Everything from HVAC systems, windows, and insulation feel the effects from those weather extremes.

Whole house retrofits bring your home the kind of upgrades needed to save money while providing year-round comfort. It’s important to know that a home energy assessment can identify all of the improvements that can save you money.

There are many ways we can help you save money on your home performance upgrades. Listed are a few:

  • The PG&E Whole House program and SMUD provide access to high dollar incentives using the Energy Upgrade California initiative.
  • Rebates up to $12000 for home performance upgrades
  • Free Site Evaluation, SMUD rebate information, PG&E energy savings incentives, low-interest financing and leasing options, energy audits and more.
  • Low-Cost financing options available for whole house retrofits.

Home Energy Improvement Adds Up to Savings

Participants in the home performance program will receive information on the following:


  • Check your HVAC system:
    • HVAC home energy upgrades can significantly impact your home’s comfort and energy usage. Older units often work harder and longer due to inadequate insulation, leaks, or old technology. Our home performance audit will measure the efficiency ratio and recommend home energy retrofits if necessary. Insulation in older homes may be inadequate and ductwork can become damaged over time. Consequently, making some simple, inexpensive fixes can be an affordable way to save energy.
  • Check the condition of plumbing systems:
    • Water heaters and pipes that are lacking sufficient insulation can be a huge source of energy leaks. An audit shows you simple ways to improve plumbing systems – from insulation to installing more energy efficient fixtures with adequate energy factors.
  • Lighting system home energy retrofits
    • Lighting and appliances make huge impacts on your home’s energy usage and energy costs. Taking some easy steps can save you up to 40% on your energy bills.