Looking for the best Sacramento heating repair service?

Heating our customer’s homes has been a core service for Clarke & Rush for over 50 years. Our technicians are skilled and certified to deliver all aspects of home heating. You can trust our expertise and thanks to our outstanding reputation for quality heating installation and repair.


Along with offering the best products in the field of home comfort, our technicians provide all of our customers with professional support. Our staff is available for emergency repair / maintenance on any part of your HVAC system. Clarke & Rush offers full service to our heating and air conditioning clients.

Sacramento Heating Repair

Why choose Clarke & Rush for your heating needs?

  • We have been serving the community since 1963
  • We’ve specialized in HVAC installations and maintenance for over 50 years
  • Our heating installation teams work fast and efficiently to install your new HVAC system
  • We minimize the disruption to daily life, quickly install cooling and heating in your home and leave our work areas neat and clean
  • We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with each HVAC system installation
  • Biannual Energy Savings Plan

We think we do a pretty great job at providing the highest quality services possible when it comes to heating and air. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about us! 

“You folks installed our new air conditioning and heating system about a week ago and I just wanted to call and say that we are very happy with the job, very happy with the professionalism of Clarke & Rush…”
R.M., Heating Installation
“I just had your firm put in my air conditioner and heater. I am very impressed with your company and your installers/technicians.”
A.K., Air Conditioning and Heating Installation
“We just had two wonderful men put in our heater and air conditioner… They did a wonderful job, I just think they were fabulous, they were so professional, they were efficient, and they were fast…”
R.C. & J.C. , Heating Installation

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The best way to ensure that your heating system can meet your family’s needs is to call Clarke & Rush for a tune-up of your Heating system. Our technicians are certified and highly experienced in determining how efficiently your heating system is running. We’ll check for leaks that diminish the effectiveness of the system and conduct tests that show you how to improve your system for both heating, cooling and plumbing. Our technicians share detailed results with you to help you find energy savings while also increasing your home’s comfort.  

We highly recommend that our customers schedule annual heating maintenance. Our heating specialists can conduct simple tests that keep your family safe and warm.

Some examples of these important tests are
  • Checking airflow over heating coils
  • Confirming that the gas heating combustion process and gas flue works safely and properly
  • Measuring Freon R-22 or Puron R-410A fluid levels are correct
  • Checking that the gas heat exchanger operates properly and no CO2 is escaping into home
  • Assessing airflow to insure energy is not being wasted
  • Replacing filters when needed to optimize equipment’s performance

Many Clarke & Rush customers appreciate our Biannual Energy Saving Packages that keeps your heating, cooling and plumbing system in perfect working order. Our techs thoroughly inspect your HVAC system and perform important scheduled maintenance twice a year. This ensures the best air quality in your home or business and extends the life of your ventilation system. While Sacramento winters can present some challenges, our Biannual Energy Saving Plan will help customers ready their homes to ride out the freezes in comfort. 
The Sacramento area enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean-like climate. While we enjoy this climate, it brings a distinct set of challenges when it comes to controlling the climate in your home or office. Although average temperatures in the wintertime can be in the 50°F range, cold snaps may bring freezing temperatures and cold rains. Heating your home or office effectively requires a system that smoothly adjusts for your winter comfort.


Rapid Growth for the Greater Sacramento Area brought a great deal of new home construction over the past decade. However, because of this growth, many of the climate control systems in these homes are now old enough to require professional attention. Like anything, heating systems work best when they are well maintained and tuned for the highest performance possible. Homeowners who call Clarke & Rush will experience incredible service that will keep their homes warm and comfortable for many years to come.

Sacramento Heating Repair

Our Team—Professional, Prepared and Committed

At Clarke & Rush we believe in education and training. Consequently, we encourage our team of professionals to continually engage in training activities that will further their expertise. Our service department is staffed with fully certified technicians who use all of the latest technology to troubleshoot and repair your HVAC system. In addition, continuing education courses keep our team members current with the latest developments in the HVAC field to better serve our customers.


We aim to provide you with an excellent experience from the initial conversation about your new system to installation and well beyond – with service and maintenance throughout the years. Our customers enjoy our friendly “no pressure” approach as we work together to discover the best climate control system for their homes. Our Comfort Consultants have more than 60 years of experience in designing heating systems, so it’s no wonder our customers have confidence in Clarke & Rush. We offer many types of financing and are a certified partner will all of the PACE programs, SMUD, PG&E and Roseville Electric. This enable us to provide the best payment program and maximize your rebates.


Installation of your new system is also a seamless and efficient process. As always, our installers treat your homes and businesses with the utmost care and respect. The Clarke & Rush team sets out to protect the working areas in your home and keep the sensitivities of children and pets in mind. When you welcome us into your home, we accept a serious responsibility. From our first conversation to the day you set the temperature on your thermostat, you can depend on us to deliver complete satisfaction. Call today tp inquire about our services on (916) 609-2667