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When the winter weather finally arrives in California, many residents remain indoors. But to defend your home against the blistering cold we’re not accustomed to majority of the year, you need an effective heating system that is ready to take on Mother Nature. That’s where the expert team at Clarke & Rush can help.

We have been providing unparalleled furnace services, including installation, furnace maintenance, and furnace repair to Sacramento area homeowners for years. When you work with our heating contractors, you can rest easy knowing your Sacramento home’s heating system is in good hands.

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Furnace Installation in Sacramento, California

As a California homeowner, you know just how brutal the weather can be. We have unforgiving summer heat and chilly winters—which is why you need an effective heating system, like a high efficiency furnace, that will keep your family comfortable all winter long. At Clarke & Rush, we strive to keep our Sacramento area customers completely satisfied with our top-rated heating services. We understand that the installation of your furnace dictates how it will operate for the rest of its lifespan—which is why you need to hire a reputable Sacramento furnace installation company!

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Sacramento Furnace Replacement

There comes a point when your furnace just doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe your heating bills have skyrocketed, the rooms in your Sacramento home are heating unevenly, or your heating system has stopped working altogether. Whatever the case, it might be time to consider a furnace replacement in your Sacramento home. Our team will never push you into a furnace replacement if the problem can be resolved with a fast and efficient furnace repair! We keep your best interest in mind throughout the entire process and make recommendations that best fit your unique situation!

If you think it might be time to replace your existing heating system in Sacramento, California, give us a call at 916-609-2667 to schedule Sacramento furnace replacement!

Sacramento Furnace Maintenance

When the cold weather arrives, you probably find yourself bundled up in your warm and cozy home. It’s true that no one wants to be stuck in a cold, unheated home in the heart of winter. But that can happen without the proper maintenance of your home’s heating system. When you choose Clarke & Rush for Sacramento furnace maintenance, you can rest easy knowing you have a skilled technician checking each and every inch of your system. We make it our mission to find any issue with your heating system that could leave you in an uncomfortable situation this winter.

Avoid unexpected furnace problems! Sign up for a maintenance heating plan!  We pride ourselves on customer service, so call us at 916-609-2667 when you’re ready to schedule furnace maintenance!

Routine furnace maintenance can prolong the life of your heating system while saving you money—a win-win if you ask us! Schedule furnace maintenance in Sacramento and the surrounding areas today!

Furnace Repair in Sacramento, California

You never know when the chill will hit the area, and you’ll need furnace repair service. Make sure your heater is running at peak performance so you’re not left in the cold. Whether it is for your Sacramento home or business, an under-performing heating system can make for an uncomfortable time for your family or your customers.

The experts at Clarke & Rush offer the best and most reliable furnace repair services in the Sacramento area. Your furnace or heat pump is in good hands with our specialists. Whether it is a minor repair or total furnace replacement, we’ll take care to ensure the best quality job is done for the best deal in town. Regular heating system maintenance is necessary to make sure everything is running properly. Fixing a small problem with your heating system now prevents it from becoming a much larger problem down the line, saving you time and money.

Your Sacramento Home’s Heating System Might Need Repairs If:

  • It isn’t providing sufficient heat. Forking over your hard-earned dollars for heating that doesn’t cut it can be one of the most frustrating things for a homeowner. Instead of grumbling and hoping it gets warmer in your home, call Clarke & Rush to have a professional come and examine the root of the problem.
  • You have high energy bills. If you notice your energy bills creeping up when your usage is the same, you should call a local Sacramento furnace repair company to inspect your system and provide heating repairs.
  • You hear loud or odd noises coming from your heating system. While heating systems do make some noise, banging, hissing, or popping noises aren’t normal. Call a Sacramento furnace repair contractor to investigate the problem.
  • Your home is unevenly heated. If one room is piping hot and another ice cold, you may need to get your ducts inspected. There could be a possible air flow problem, which can be easily remedied by one of our Sacramento heating contractors.
  • It’s blowing cold air. If it’s not producing any heat at all, you should call a technician right away to service your heating system. It could also be a problem with your thermostat or time to upgrade to a digital one.
  • You and your family have noticed a decrease in air quality. We specialize in Carrier Systems, and we will make sure your heating system is not only running properly, but also producing healthy heat. Carbon monoxide leaks are one danger of letting your furnace go too long without being serviced, so if you or your family begin feeling ill, call a specialist right away.

If you have noticed any of these problems—don’t wait! The team at Clarke & Rush can get your heating system up and running in no time. Give us a call at 916-609-2667 to schedule your Sacramento furnace repair.

See What Sacramento Homeowners Are Saying About Clarke & Rush:

“Good afternoon my name is Monika Bassel, I had an AC and furnace installed yesterday, and I would like to recognize Tony, Dustin, and Dominic. Theydid a wonderful job and I am very appreciative. They explained everything, courteous; everything was just one hundred percent. Thank you.”

“I just had new furnace and air conditioning unit installed. I just wanted to compliment the team that came out, Mike and Tobia. Both were very professional and treated the house and surroundings with great respect, and did a heck of a job got everything together, answered all my silly questions. I want to compliment them on being very good representatives of Clarke and Rush. I also want to say the whole process from getting the quote, to the initial inspection, everything has been handled very very well. So props to all of you guys, I am very happy I called and got all of this done. Thank you.”

“John Wilshire did an inspection on my furnace and I want to tell you what a nice young man he was and he did his job very well. He is coming back to do a repair on Thursday. So anyway I wanted to let you know he is a very nice young man and doing a nice job for you. Thank you very much, bye bye.”

The Best Furnace Services in Sacramento

When the winter weather is upon us, you need a reliable heating system that will maintain the comfort levels in your home. Clarke & Rush’s Sacramento-based heating services team works hard to ensure you and your family remain comfortable all winter long. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work! For reliable Sacramento heating services like furnace installation, furnace replacement, furnace maintenance, and furnace repair, you can count one our top-rated heating contractors!

Clarke & Rush provides the following heating services:

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Clarke & Rush is a top-rated heating company specializing in furnace services such as furnace repair, furnace maintenance, and furnace installation and replacement services.