Heat Pump Repair in the Sacramento, CA Area

Keeping your heat pump in top shape is a high priority to adequately combat the extremes of our weather in Sacramento, California. Whether you’re in need of a checkup, or a full heat pump repair in Sacramento, the professionals at Clarke & Rush are ready to assist. Don’t let a small issue turn into a catastrophe, contact us today for your heat pump services.

Our experts have years of experience in handling any type of heat pump repairs, and are equipped with the skill and technology needed to get the job done right. We’ve been proudly providing heat pump repairs in Sacramento and the surrounding areas for more than half a century, always putting the priorities of our customers first.

We offer:

  • Standard heat pump repair
  • Ductless heat pump repair
  • Geothermal heat pump repair

For reliable heat pump repair throughout Sacramento, and the surrounding California areas, give Clarke & Rush a call at 916-609-2669

Common Sacramento Heat Pump Problems

Your heat pump will usually let you know if it’s having trouble, displaying fairly clear warning signs that are easily recognized. You may need to consider heat pump repair in Sacramento if you notice the following:

  • Overfrequency.If your heat pump is cycling on and off too often, or much more often than usual, it may need repairs. This issue often indicates a dirty filter, or a clog in the system.
  • Unchanged temperature. If your heat pump doesn’t respond to dramatic changes in temperature, it’s a good indication of a large issue. Be sure to check that all of your controls are set appropriately, and if they are, contact a professional immediately.
  • Weak heating and cooling.If your pump seems to be having trouble dealing with its workload, it may lack the appropriate amount of refrigerant. This issue requires help from a professional, as refrigerant can be hazardous, and should not be handled lightly.
  • Heavy noise.You can expect some small measure of sound to be normal in the operation of the pump. But, if the sound is louder than normal, or the pump is making a noise you’ve never heard before, you should get heat pump repairs. It may turn out to be nothing, but many issues can come of unusual noise including loose or broken parts, weak seals, or a damaged belt.
  • Spikes in utility costs. This could be any number of issues, some that have nothing to do with your heat pump at all! However, if you’re experiencing higher than usual heating and cooling costs, your unit may lack efficiency due to age.

Heat Pump Repair or Replacement in Sacramento?

Most of the time, an adequately maintained heat pump can get away with 10-15 or so years of faithful service. If your heat pump is getting up there in the years, it may be a good idea to consider replacement. A fresh heat pump is considerably more energy-efficient, stronger and requires much less maintenance.

If you think it may be time to look into a replacement, the experts at Clarke & Rush will be happy to help you. With a consultation, we are able to give you a better idea of how well your current heat pump will weather the coming years, and can let you know if there is any cause for concern in the foreseeable future.

Heat Pump Repair in Sacramento, CA

Whether you’re seeking repair, replacement, or just a professional opinion, the experts at Clarke & Rush have got you covered. Our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority, and we will not be satisfied until you are.

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