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01 Sep 2017

Is Going Solar The Right Choice for You?

Have you ever looked at your energy bill and thought how can I dramatically reduce this? Is there a more efficient and environmentally friendly system that will allow me save money for the things that I really want, rather than need? Well at Clarke & Rush be are big advocators of using natural resources available to us to power your home! Here are some helpful things to consider when thinking about going Solar!

Why Go Solar?

The Cost: We offer a tool that will allow you to estimate how much money you will have to spend to install one of our solar systems. This is an approximate estimation and depends on many factors, mainly the size of the system that you want installed. There is also a 30% Federal Tax Credit which adds to the argument that going solar is a no-brainer! You can find our Instant Quote tool here.

The Savings: The biggest difference you will see is in your electricity bill. The majority of our satisfied customers see an immediate deficit in this regard, with some never receiving bill ever again with fully integrated systems.

Installation Time: Here at Clarke & Rush we pride ourselves in the efficiency of our work. The length of time to complete a solar installation system depends on the size of the project, but for an average residential home we typically finish within 1-2 days.

Home Value: Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home. As we go into a more environmentally friendly future, we predict that there will be further incentives for installing clean energy systems. We estimate that for every $1 you save on energy costs per year, you add $20 in value. That might seem minimal but if you consider that you could be saving $1,000 a year, that adds up to $20,000 in your property’s value.

Is Your Home Suitable for Solar?

As we operate in the sunny state of California, it makes us a prime candidate for optimizing solar energy in majority of homes. There are a couple of factors to consider.

Natural Obstructions: Trees that surround your home can be obtrusive for the solar panels as they depend greatly on the sunlight that hits them directly. Neighbors in close proximity that tower above your home can also be a factor.

Type of Roof: In the northern hemisphere it is optimal to have the panels facing the south to get the most sunlight at prime times of the day. If you have a flat roof this is a non factor.

Why Clarke & Rush?

We have over 50 years in business serving the entire Sacramento community

Clarke & Rush only use industry-leading products and warranties

We provide our own Smart Switch Program. You get unbiased professional advice from our energy experts and we’ll develop a smart energy home improvement plan for you. Lower your energy demand and purchase a smaller solar system

We are a Full-Service Energy Efficiency Contractor. Any problems that you have in the future we will be there for you!

Call us today on (916)609-2667 or fill out our Online Contact Form and we will get back to you.

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