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24 Jul 2019

Can Window Replacement Save You Money?

Can Window Replacement Save You Money?

The cost of replacing windows can get pretty high at times, so it’s okay to be hesitant about making the investment. So, can window replacement save you money? The short answer is yes, replacing your windows can save you money in the long run! New windows can eliminate drafts, and that has a direct effect on your energy bills. However, you need to weigh out all your options before deciding. In this article, window replacement professionals at Clarke & Rush answer common questions about window replacement. We hope you use this information to decide on the best option for fixing the issues with your windows.

Can Window Replacements Really Pay for Themselves?

You may have heard that when you replace your windows for your home, those windows will pay for themselves. Could this be true, or are salespeople hyping the potential benefits in order to get more people to buy new windows?

The truth, according to window repair Sacramento experts, is that window replacements can pay for themselves if the homeowner selects high quality and energy-efficient windows. The savings will come from two directions. First, you’ll notice that the cool or warm air in your home stays in your home instead of escaping through the window’s cracks. Secondly, many newer window types, such as those with fiberglass or vinyl frames, don’t require costly maintenance (they don’t require repainting, for example). These combined savings can eventually help you to recoup the cost of the replacing your home’s windows.

How Do Energy Savings Accrue from Energy-Efficient Windows?

During the hotter months of the year, heat from outside can make its way into your home through the windowpanes and other poorly insulated components of the home. When you install energy-efficient windows, the insulated frames and glass with low heat transfer rates cuts down this transmission of heat. When this happens, you will use less energy to keep the interior of your home cool or warm (during the colder months). The window experts in Sacramento, CA reveal that these energy savings will vary depending on several factors, such as the cost of energy where you live and how well the rest of your home is insulated.

How Can I Tell That My Windows Aren’t Energy-Efficient?

You can try a few DIY steps to assess the condition of your windows and identify those that may no longer be energy-efficient.

First, Sacramento window contractors recommend that you check for condensation on your windows. This applies if your windows have double or triple glazing. Any condensation you see may suggest that the seals on those windows have failed, so the windows can no longer do a good job of keeping your home energy-efficient.

Secondly, observe your carpets and furniture and find out if any faded areas stand out. These faded areas could signify that sunlight has been streaming into the home directly onto those exposed carpets and furniture. Switching to windows with a higher capacity to filter out UV radiation will increase the energy-efficiency of the home.

Third, do some research and find out what type of glass is appropriate for where you live. For example, people who live in warmer areas get better value by having windows with a low solar heat gain coefficient. Clarke & Rush believes in installing windows that are best suited to the climatic conditions of each area.

Does Window Glass or the Frame Contribute More to Energy-Efficiency?

Consider the total surface area covered by your windows and get a proportion for the glass and the framing. You will agree that glass takes up approximately 70 percent of the space occupied by a window, so special attention should be given to the window glass if you want to maximize your energy savings.

However, that isn’t to say that you ignore the framing. Remember, it accounts for 30 percent of the window, so neglecting the contribution of the frame can throw your plans of saving energy in disarray. Window repair Sacramento professionals suggest that you look at the insulating value of the window framing as you select new ones.

How Much Can I Save When I Purchase Replacement Windows?

The savings you can make on your purchase depend on the federal, state and local rebates that you may qualify for with your purchase. Other savings come from the improved energy-efficiency of your home once the replacement windows have been professionally installed. The best way to calculate the total savings you can make is by inviting an expert from Clarke & Rush to inspect your property and advise you on how you can maximize your savings.

Is Window Replacement My Only Option?

Certainly not. You can improve the energy-efficiency of your home by repairing the existing windows if they are repairable. This may be a more cost-effective option if you are on a budget since window repairs take just a fraction of what you may spend on buying replacement windows.

Clarke and Rush is here to help you during every step of the journey to repair or replace the windows in your home. Our experienced professionals will make sure that your new windows are selected and installed for maximum energy-efficiency as well as aesthetic appeal. All you have to do is to give us a call today!

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