Anlin vs. Milgard

It is important to research manufacturers and their products, as well as the company installing the products, before committing to any purchase.

Which Windows Are Better?

Buying new windows for your home involves much more than just picking the style you like. Cost, quality, appearance and warranty are defining factors in the decision-making process. Not to mention the U-factor (heat transfer) or SHGC rating (Solar Radiation Allowance) that the windows possess. While we do not carry Milgard windows, many people compare them to Anlin windows, which we do carry.

Here we will explore a few differences between Anlin and Milgard windows. Both companies manufacture a variety of windows and doors and service the Western United States, though both primarily focus on replacement windows. Both companies, too, make quality products that improve your home.

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The best Windows on the Market: Anlin vs. Milgard

As it stands, both Anlin and Milgard are well-known and respected names in the industry. Both companies offer windows that are AAMA and NFCR certified and qualify for Energy Star. However, Milgard’s more cost effective windows are considered “builder grade”, and tend to get negative reviews due to their seals failing and the occurrence of fogging between the panes. They also offer higher quality windows, but cost increases accordingly. In addition to their variety of materials and quality grades, Milgard’s name is more prominent in the industry, but Anlin’s reviews are generally ranked higher for cost versus quality and customer service reputation. It would seem that both companies sport unique traits that set them apart from each other, while both remain top contenders in the market.

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Anlin's warranty vs. Milgard's Warranty

Another noticeable difference is Milgard’s Lifetime Warranty in comparison to Anlin’s Double Lifetime Warranty. Milgard’s lifetime warranty covers the windows for the original purchaser’s ownership of the home. Anlin’s double lifetime warranty extends the coverage to a subsequent homeowner, which is a great selling point, as well as a spectacular incentive.

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What Type of Window Material is Best?

In terms of material, Milgard offers a variety that includes: vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Anlin windows are solely vinyl replacement windows and doors, being as vinyl is the most cost-effective and durable materials on the market today. Vinyl is also more energy efficient, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

While, each company has is benefits it is important to choose a contractor that does quality installation work. The highest quality window doesn’t stand a chance if it not installed properly.

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Research Your Windows and Installers

Here at Clarke & Rush we encourage you to do some research and determine what windows are right for you. If you are in the market for Anlin windows, we are Sacramento’s Anlin dealer and have been proudly serving the greater Sacramento area since 1963. With Anlin’s warranty and our commitment to superior service, your home is in good hands for two lifetimes.

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