Keep Cool and Comfortable

While we enjoy summertime’s abundant sunshine here in Sacramento, the extreme heat can make it difficult and uncomfortable to live without air conditioning. Our home’s HVAC systems have to face the challenge of competing with record-breaking heat waves that send us all indoors for relief. That’s where Clarke & Rush comes in! 

Clarke & Rush has specialized in air conditioning services for more than 50 years. We are proud to be an approved Energy Star Contractor. This allows us to offer our customers high quality air conditioning units that conserve energy and deliver total comfort.


There are numerous benefits to homeowners who run Energy Star air conditioning units. It is known that HVAC systems can consume half of a home’s total energy costs – and in places as hot as Sacramento, air conditioning could even increase that cost. If your HVAC system is more than 12 years old, you are probably paying significantly more for air conditioning than you need to be. By upgrading to an Energy Star air conditioning system, you can stand to save up to 30% each month on your energy bill!


In order to be able to offer the best possible AC units for our customers, we took a careful look at our local market. We determined that it was important to offer units that would provide high efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, low noise, and a great warranty at a price that makes sense. After scouring all of the offerings out there, we chose the companies American Standard, Carrier, and Lennox HVAC for our customers. The models offered by these companies excel in delivering energy and cost savings with highly effective air conditioning. In addition, these air conditioning units are ozone friendly, are Federal EPA & Energy Star approved, and Energy Upgrade California approved. These units are so impressive that several utility companies are offering rebates and incentives (SMUD, PG&E, and Roseville Electric) to upgrade to a new unit! With financing options from SMUD, Ygrene and mPOWER, replacing your old air conditioning system is easy!


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In order to create a custom plan for your home, we do a thorough inspection of your home’s ventilation system. This includes a thorough check of the duct system that will be delivering air conditioning throughout your home. This is done to check for any leaks or obstructions that will lower your systems overall efficiency. Proper airflow is key to efficient air conditioning. We then help you select the air conditioning unit that will best fit your needs and deliver optimal results for many years to come. Further more, our HVAC teams will perform preliminary assessments to ensure long-term satisfaction with your new air conditioning system.


To further lower the energy costs of your air conditioning, we also suggest installation of a programmable thermostat. This option is great for working families – program the thermostat to run the system less while you’re away from your home, and then cool the house down just before you return. This simple adjustment could save you an estimated $180 a year!

There’s nothing quite like facing a day of 100-degree temperatures in a home with unreliable air conditioning. Sacramento has an average of 74 days a year when the mercury rises to at least 90 degrees and 22 days of over 100 degree weather! For this reason, it is best to perform regular tune-ups on your AC unit so it doesn’t go down when the temperatures go up!


As air conditioning specialists, we know what a big difference planned maintenance can make to your HVAC system. Being ready for those hot days means planning ahead. With Clarke & Rush’s Planned Maintenance services, our techs will visit your home twice a year. We check the critical elements of your HVAC unit to make sure you don’t face any unwelcome surprises when you switch on the air conditioning. Sacramento weather is sometimes unpredictable and very hot days are not limited to the summer months.


Some of simple maintenance can be as easy as changing the filter on your AC system! When the filter is changed and clean, your air conditioner works efficiently. When it’s dirty, the unit has to work harder, wasting costly energy. In addition, a dirty filter has a ‘snowball effect’ on your whole system. It sends the dust and dirt further along your HVAC system, potentially causing build up that will require expensive repairs down the road. Customers with a Clarke & Rush SNAP Triple Tune-up Maintenance Package can have confidence that their unit will deliver cool air when they need it most. Your air conditioning unit is like your car – it needs regular tune-ups and service to be in peak running condition.


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At Clarke & Rush, Customer Service is Paramount

Whether installing a new HVAC unit, performing simple repairs, or scheduled maintenance, homeowners need great service from their technicians. Sacramento trusts our HVAC technicians. We respect your home and your time. Our air conditioning installation and repair teams work fast to restore your home to comfort. They also follow a Clarke & Rush customer service protocol – all work is done courteously, with little disruption to your life. Our teams clean their worksites thoroughly when the job is done.  

This customer service approach wins Clarke & Rush great reviews from our air conditioning repair and installation customers. Take a look at what some have said about us in the past!  

“We recently had a new heating and air conditioning unit put in … we were absolutely thrilled with the service that we received from everybody through Clarke & Rush. We were very impressed with the work they did, with how clean they left our home.”
L.S., - Sacramento air conditioning installation customer.
“They were always on task and took very good care of the house, always cleaning up after themselves as if they were never there. I want to thank you for having such excellent team members who care about what they are doing.”
K.K., Sacramento air conditioning installation customer.

You can listen to more of out customers talk about their Air conditioning installation and repair experiences on our Clarke & Rush REVIEWS page.