Affordable Plumbing in Sacramento

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Hourly plumbing rates drain your wallet. Say hello to affordable plumbing in Sacramento.

Let’s be honest. We are always searching for a great deal, so more often than not the pricing of a plumbing service will be the determining factor in who we choose. Obviously, the plumber’s work must be satisfactory, hopefully guaranteed, and needs to fix the problem the first time.

“Affordable plumbing” seems like an oxymoronic term considering the hourly cost of labor these days. A leaking faucet shouldn’t cost as much as a water heater replacement, but with hourly labor charges who knows how high your bill will climb? At current plumbing rates per hour, you could likely start your own local plumbing company for the cost of a drain cleaning.

That’s where Clarke & Rush plumbing differs.

We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. If it did—we’d all be farmers. That’s why we bid per job, and we make absolutely sure that the problem is fixed the first time. We won’t drag our feet in order to increase the bill. We will work diligently to repair your plumbing in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of our work, our integrity, or your trust.

Clarke & Rush has a long, reputable history of serving the greater Sacramento area since 1963.

Nearly 60 years of experience gives us the upper hand, as well as the fact that we do not outsource any part of our services. We are a complete in-house, full-service contractor, so you will never pay an up charge for us to bring in outside help, as many other companies do.

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